Round Robin

Part 24

by Kestrel (K_Akira at

Lestrade gave Holmes a genuine smile at his comment. By his tone and remark, she knew that he had confidence in her abilities and that she would succeed.

"I'll make it quick," she reassured him. "I'm sick of seeing this trash anyway."

Holmes nodded, then backed away from the 'ring'. Just be careful, Beth. I don't know what I would do if you were hurt.

Lestrade and the Dragon Lady met at the center of the 'ring'. They shook hands and took their positions. One of the Dragon Lady's henchmen whistled to start the fight. Once the signal was given, they went at each other full force.

Lestrade had her eyes on her opponent. She was observing the way that she moved. It was her only clue to how she would strike.

The Dragon Lady too was sizing up her opponent. She knew how Lestrade fought because she was the one who trained her.

It was Lestrade that attacked first, begining to get impatient. She attacked with a roundhouse kick to the Dragon Lady's head. It was blocked, and she got a fist to the stomach.

I should have seen that one coming. I left myself open.

It was the Dragon Lady that started the next round. She threw a punch to the stomach again, and when that was blocked, came around with a double backfist to Lestrade's temple, knocking her back, dazed.

Holmes watched in concealed horror at the match. Lestrade was getting beaten badly. She had not been able to land an attack, but the Dragon Lady was able to land nearly all of hers.

Fight smart, Beth. Don't rush in; wait for her to come to you and use her own momentum against her.

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