Round Robin

Part 22

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"It's lovely to see you, too, Miss Lestrade!" Moriarty smiled sweetly and watched, amused, as Lestrade desperately tried to restrain herself. She was fighting a losing battle there.

"You horrible, screwed up, zedding, lying, cheating, sick, klepto-clonehead!! How could you say we where marr-errr..." Lestrade trailed off, glancing back at Holmes.

His eyebrows were in danger of falling off his face. "Married? Oh, James! How predictable! Your dream come true, eh?" His lips twitched as he took his place near the fireplace. "But enough of this! We've things to discuss! Lestrade's history, namely."

"I'm not saying anything while that creep is here." Lestrade plunked onto the couch and glared at nothing in particular.

"You hardly believe that I'm going to leave, do you?"

Holmes sighed."Please, you two! Lestrade, you can revenge yourself after! We have a limited amount of time here. And really, James! Don't antagonize her! You, of all people, should know better."


"All right, now! Do you two think you can be civil for just a little while? You may resume acting like children once this is all over."

Lestrade narrowed her eyes and Deidre stifled a giggle.

"Sherlock, I was NOT-"

"When I was a kid, my mother died in an 'accident'." Lestrade interrupted Moriarty. Slowly and begrudgingly, she started her story. "She worked for the military; she was a specialist. At the funeral a man asked my father if we had received any letters from Mother before she died. My father said no. We had just gotten a package in the mail the day before."

"In the mail? Not by e-mail?" Holmes' eyes were closed and his fingers steepled.

"No. By mail, covered in military stamps. I had thought that was strange as well. She usually just sent e-mails.

"Once we got home, my father opened the package. In it was a cheap holograph tube. It was just a short 'Hello!'. Once the message was over, though, my father took off the top and in it was a scrap of paper. On it were several names. My father told me to leave. He said it wasn't any of my business. Two weeks later he died in a car accident. Then I realized who those people were. They were the ones who had killed Mom. I was sent to live in England with my uncle and aunt." Lestrade stopped for a moment and choked back her tears. "Once I got here I decided to...get revenge on my parent's murderers. My mother had taught me all sorts of hacking skills. Taught me things that could put entire countries in chaos, not that I had been going to use any of it. Anyways, I set up my own little court. I destroyed their businesses, their love lives, their homes, their homes' communication systems; I knew everything about them and their families and friends. They all died.

"I know what you're thinking: I murdered them. No. I wouldn't stoop to their level, not then, not ever! I simply interfered enough so that serious injuries could occur. Now, the only one left is the Dragon Lady. I joined her gang and slowly rose up through the ranks until I was second in command. I had almost absolute power over the entire Underground. Then I turned her and the gangs over to the Yard. Only problem with that, was that she escaped. Now she wants revenge. Now I'm in big trouble." Lestrade squeezed her eyes closed, trying to get rid of those memories once again.

Deidre broke the silence. "Greyson doesn't know about this, does he? That you're a murderer...dear God...."

Lestrade's eyes snapped open. "I am NOT a murderer! I was giving them what they deserved! I never killed them!" She was yelling now. Screaming.

"Shhh,'s all right, nobody thinks you're a murderer," Holmes whispered.

"But I am! That's the problem!" Lestrade sobbed drily, "I am..."

Suddenly, as if from a completely different world, the window shattered. Standing, grinning in the shards of glass, was the Dragon Lady.

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