Round Robin

Part 20

by Inspector Beth Lestrade

I do hope this makes sense since i have no cents, or is that sense? Oh well....

Holmes rushed over to the wall, fearing the worst, that he had arrived too late. He had watched the lasers going off, and seen Lestrade on the trellis. That was all it took to make him start running towards the house across the way. He didn't ponder how she got over there or why she was climbing down the side of the building; he only had thoughts for her safety.

The crowd suddenly parted, and started screaming in panic as they ran from the building. Holmes was nearly run over, and he put his hands in front of his face to ward off any unexpected blows he might receive from the hysterical mob. When he looked up, he saw the reason for the panic. One of the lasers had cut through the wood of the trellis and it was now falling with Lestrade clinging to it.

He ran over to the base of it and leaned against it with all of his weight. It was surprisingly heavy, but then, it carried the extra weight of a human body. Watson and the Irregulars had caught up to him by that time, and the compudroid traded places with him. Holmes looked up and saw Lestrade climbing, almost sliding, down the wood, until she landed with a thump on the ground.

Sorry it was so short, but I'm no writer. I just couldn't leave that the way it was. I hate cliffhangers...and maybe I should leave off with the puns....

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