Round Robin

Part 19

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

When Holmes and Wiggins finally arrived at Baker Street, Deidre opened the door before either of them had even made it to 221.

"Well," Deidre demanded, "What did you find out, sir?"

Holmes would normally have chuckled at the girl's impatience, but his feeling that Lestrade's life was in grave danger made him more grim than usual.

"We must find this Constable Dashiell," Holmes began, "and ask him what his connections with the Dragon Lady are. I believe he will no longer be with the Yard."

There was a sudden scream outside that brought them all to the window. Looking out revealed a crowd of people that had gathered around a building down the street. When Holmes discerned the reason for this, he ran out, leaving the others to follow in puzzled confusion.

Lestrade continued running down the corridor, still not knowing where she was going, until she came to a dead end. Wonderful. She paused to get her bearings, and saw a window. She quickly ran to it and tested it. It opened. She looked outside and saw the ground from two stories up. Before she could change her mind, she climbed out the window onto the ivy-covered trellis and began her trek downwards.

Something hot passing her cheek made her jump and look up. Those two thugs were standing at the window trying to shoot her down!

"No!" a voice she recognized as the Dragon Lady's screamed. "You fools, I need her alive!"

Her command was a second too late. Lestrade felt herself falling as one of the lasers cut through the wood of the trellis.

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