Round Robin

Part 16

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

When the alarms went off, Lestrade ran. Before she could find her way to the door, she saw why the alarms were set off. Two burly thugs were standing just inside the main room. Standing in front of them was a tall woman with long, raven hair. She wore a skintight black body suit, with a sleeve covering the right arm completely and her left arm bare from the shoulder down. A dragon was tattooed on it, the tail shown wrapped around her wrist with the body stretching up her arm and the head on her shoulder. Lestrade shuddered. The Dragon Lady. She quickly ducked behind a statue, so she could hear what was going on without being seen.

"My dear Professor," came the lilting voice Lestrade remembered well, "Where is she? That girl has caused me more than enough trouble."

Moriarty smiled. "Girl? I have no girl here, you must be mistaken."

"You know who I am talking about," the Dragon Lady hissed, "I made sure she came to you. Now I've come to get her, to take her away from the bad influence of yourself and your nemesis."

Lestrade frowned and fingered her left shoulder, where she knew a smaller copy of the dragon tattoo was on her own arm. She had joined the Dragon clan while living in the Underground, as its members had freedom to do as they pleased, as long as they contributed to the commonweal -- a freedom she needed to complete her mission. She had actually become second-in-command to the Dragon Lady herself before she had revealed her true intentions, and had all the members arrested. Except the Dragon Lady, who had escaped.

Lestrade cursed herself for not keeping up better with the latest gangs. She had been too involved with other matters. No doubt this had all been set up to get revenge.

I hope this makes sense... and allows others to expand....

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