Round Robin

Part 15

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Holmes and Wiggins walked down the Scotland Yard hallway in silence. Wiggins got the impression that Holmes was off on a very far away planet. He was reminded of what Deidre had said a couple days ago... I am so getting tired of waiting, Holmes and the inspector had better hurry up and fall in love.... Wiggins smiled.

When they reached Grayson's office, Holmes didn't even bother knocking; he just marched right in.

"What do you want?" Grayson snarled.

"I want to know all you have about Inspector Lestrade's past," Holmes said evenly.

"That's classified," Grayson shot back. "Where is Lestrade, anyway?"

"I will tell you that when you tell me what I want to know," Holmes responded, a touch of annoyance in his voice.

"All right, all right." Grayson turned on his computer and tapped in some info, cleared his throat and read:

Name: Lestrade, Elizabeth
Age: twenty five
Sex: female
Birth: June 27, 2078
Previous occupation: unknown
Status: Inspector
Additional information: lived in the underground as an orphan, parents dead at the age of eight. Extensive knowledge of martial arts, weaponry, fighting techniques in general and has an enormous amount of ability when it comes to hacking and being a headache. Brilliant, defiant and stubborn. Everything else is unknown.

"Now tell me where she is."

Holmes smiled, and said, "I haven't the faintest idea." He then turned and walked out of the room, with Wiggins behind him and Grayson spluttering angrily at his desk.

Lestrade sighed as she finished transferring the information.

"What is the matter, dearest?" Moriarty inquired.

"Nothing, I am just a bit tired. Do you mind if I go lie down somewhere?" Lestrade smiled sweetly up at Moriarty, fighting down the urge to puke.

"Of course. I will show you to our room," he replied as he led her out of the computer lab.

"Our room!" Lestrade thought with mounting horror and repulsion.

"Here we are, dearest." Moriarty showed her into a windowless, dark room. "Sleep well."

Yeah, right, thought Lestrade as Moriarty pulled the door shut behind him. She stepped up to the door and listened to Moriarty's footsteps die away.

Now what do I do? I haven't got my wrist com or my ionizer. Lestrade snapped off a piece of the bedpost in her anger. I have to get out of here, and all I've got is a piece of bedpost! Well, she thought to herself, if I can survive ten years in the Underground, being pushed around by Grayson, and having to deal with not going crazy trying to figure Holmes out, I can definitely escape from the most intelligent criminal mastermind ever's headquarters with a bed post.

Bearing this in mind Lestrade carefully pushed open the bedroom door, which was surprisingly not locked. She was confronted with the leering face of Fenwick.

"Now, now, girlie...."

Lestrade was not in the listening mood. With a hard tap from the bedpost, Fenwick collapsed.

Suddenly an alarm went off and Lestrade ran for her life.

I was suddenly inspired, hope it is not too long. =/ Sorry about all the spelling mistakes I am sure are in there.

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