Round Robin

Part 13

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

"What, you can't mean that Inspector Lestrade was the hacker?" Deidre said incredulously.

Tennyson nodded and made a few sounds.

"Oh, I see," Deidre said, "She is the most logical choice. It still doesn't mean I believe it. She's just too, I don't know, law-abiding to have done that."

Tennyson made some more sounds.

"Yeah, yeah, she's law-abiding now, and we don't know what she was like when she was younger. Okay, let's say she was this hacker. What does it have to do with this case?"

Tennyson motioned towards the bank.

"Oh, you mean, she's the one who took the money? But even if she had amnesia, she would have to believe she were a criminal...." The girl trailed off as she realized what she had said. "She was at Moriarty's last known hideout. If he found her, he could have told her that...No, that wouldn't have worked. Mr. Holmes had already told her who she was and what she did for a living...."

"Yes, but a person with amnesia is very easily confused," Watson said as he entered the hovercoach. He had heard the last bit of their conversation. "We still do not know exactly how a person's mind works, even with modern technology."

"Oh. Well, did you find out who did the robbery?" Deidre asked.

"No, whoever did it covered their tracks very well. No one could tell that it was even done, except that the credits are gone."

Tennyson signaled a question.

"Yeah, what do we do now?" Deidre asked.

"We go back to Baker Street and wait for Holmes and Wiggins to tell us what they have found out."

Lestrade sighed. She had finished hacking her way inside the Defense database. She quickly made the I.D.'s and printed them out.

While most of her memory had returned, she still could not remember the last few moments leading up to her losing consciousness. She knew there was a boy and a constable, but that was all she knew.

As she continued her work, she thought back to the last time she had done this, and the events leading up to it.

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