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"The Crooked Man" by Terence Taylor and Eleanor Burian-Mohr (CROO2)

You cowardly, loathsome, lying -- how could you!
Nancy Barclay

Are you suggesting he turned into an animal and climbed out the window?

These government investigations cause more trouble than they're worth.
The Barclays' housekeeper

We've picked up a trail. The only question is, of what?

(To 'cab driver) Follow that hovercab! (aside) I always wanted to say that.

-- Mr. Holmes! I followed Emilia to some hotel in the DNA Alley.
-- As I suspected. Our mysterious hybrid may be the result of illicit bio-engineering.
Deidre and Holmes (over Deidre's com-link)

It's turning out to be one of those days.
Lestrade, after being locked out, shot at, and nearly blown up

-- Congratulations, Lestrade, you've done it again. Orders have come down from upstairs. You've been ordered to leave Biotech out of your investigation.
-- You'll excuse me for bringing this up, sir, but it's a little hard to investigate the disappearance of the   head of a major company without looking into his company for suspects and motives.
-- An investigation's already underway -- from above. You're in the way, Lestrade. You've been removed from the case.
-- Exactly whose way am I in? The government's, or Barclay's?
Greyson and Lestrade

All roads lead to Biotech.

If someone's willing to blow up their storage system to hide something, I'm willing to put my neck on the line to find out what.
My hacking skills are dustier than my first ionizer.

My job's on the line now. They say I can't control my own people!

That's no longer your problem, Lestrade. Your badge and ionizer, please.

I've already changed my genetic ID, my fingerprints and retinas.
James Barclay

-- Did you ever love Nancy?
-- Yes, of course. I loved her for everything she had: wealth, power, position.
Holmes and James Barclay

Lestrade! Good to see you defending truth and justice once again.

But whatever happens, Victor is a fortunate man. Nancy Barclay's heart will always see what her eyes may not -- the true man inside the beast.

"The Adventure of the Deranged Detective" by Henry Gilroy (DERA)

-- Or do I have to call on 'Arthur Doyle'?
-- I will never live down that pseudonym.
Lestrade and Holmes

Our dear Inspector Lestrade has already solved this case.

Ears and brains, Watson.

...I sense an unusual playfulness in her demeanour.
Holmes, on Lestrade

You know what a lone wolf she is.
Greyson, on Lestrade

-- But I must say, this is risky business, bringing her here.
-- You are right, Watson. However, knowing Lestrade, I doubt she'd have it any other way.
Watson and Holmes

If it's a diagnosis you're after, Lestrade's behavior is no surprise. She's notorious for her lapses in self-control and disregard for the safety of others.
Dr. Cushing

I have had some experience in that problem-solving sort of thing.
Holmes, as "Dr. Arthur Doyle"

Two detectives gone loony for no apparent reason?

Ah. It's all about the oysters, isn't it? I knew it! I knew it!

That Moon resort turned out to be a poor investment for me.
Dr. Culverton Smith

-- I controlled her every move with this remote.
-- And yet she still managed to leave me all the clues I needed to solve your little puzzle.
Smith and Holmes

-- You're not mad! Either of you!
-- Angry, perhaps. Deranged, no.
Watson and Lestrade

"The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire Lot" by Phil Harnage (SUSS2)

-- Just a few more centimeters of steel, and the jaws of justice will put the bite on our caped criminal!
-- Lestrade seems to be enjoying herself.
Lestrade and Holmes

-- It was designed to withstand a nuclear war!
-- Ah, but nothing can withstand our Lestrade. She's a force of nature unto herself.
Watson and Holmes

Don't let Chief Inspector Greyson grind you down, Lestrade.

But the legends it was based on are older than -- well, you, for example.
Deidre, to Holmes

It's cold enough to freeze the nose off Lord Nelson's statue.

The bird has shown, and the bird has flown.

-- I must confess that I was afraid, Holmes.
-- You were not programmed for arbitrary risk-taking.
Watson and Holmes

You can't command what you can't understand.
The vampire

Not exactly the best security arrangement.

Besides, I have to find out where that vampire thing buys its nailpolish. I'm so tired of buying mine off the Internet.

Yes, it boggles the mind, doesn't it, Officer Lestrade? And the smaller the mind, the bigger the boggle.

Must you both be so theatrical?

You're as brave as you are beautiful, Fenwick.

One would do well to deceive the master of deceit.

Partner this, Moriarty!

Lesson number one: Never cuff a cop with her own cuffs. She might know how to get out of them.

-- To the maxo!
Amanda Wheelwright

-- Just keep that creep Moriarty away!
-- I will do my best. Indeed, it is my only reason for being.
Amanda and Holmes

"The Scales of Justice" by Ken Pontac (SCAL)

However, my time spent in the company of Sherlock Holmes has shown me that nothing is impossible, and that the inconceivable may often become reality.
Doctor Grimesby Roylott is the only man in New London still working with living snakes.

I don't see any pyth...I say...get away!

It's a sad world where bottle-bred monstrosities like Chapman's take precedence over our precious
natural heritage!
Dr. Grimesby Roylott

...too terrible to contemplate -- without further confirmation.

Agnes, heel!
Dr. Forrest Chapman

'Subtract what belongs to the scene and anything that remains becomes suspicious.' A page from your own book, and it served me well.
Watson to Holmes

-- Holmes! What's going down?
-- We are, Lestrade, unless my associate can offer a technical solution to this dilemma!
Lestrade and Holmes, as Holmes and Watson's coachcraft takes a dive

He's as coldblooded as the snakes he favors!
Dr. Chapman

And take good care of Agnes!
Dr. Chapman

-- He said Roylott's got answers. That's just what I'm in the mood for, right about now.

Once a snake, always a snake!
Dr. Chapman

You're no Cinderella, but I bet this'll fit you like a four-fingered glove.
Dr. Chapman

I wanted to give her generation a chance to regain the past we stole from her.
Dr. Grimesby Roylott

Holmes the meddler! Holmes the busybody! Holmes, the New Scotland Yard lackey!
Dr. Grimesby Roylott

In his own twisted way, he did it out of love. But he lost sight of the truth, and then he was lost.

That even an eminent herpetologist should not attempt to tip the scales of justice in favor of evil.
"The Resident Patient" by Robert Askin (RESI2)

They may be bold, but they've got bricks for brains.

-- She never listens to me.
-- Or me.
Grayson and Holmes

Chief Inspector! Nice to see you out from behind your desk.

Nobody's worn glasses in over a hundred years.

If you ask me, your dead detective is suffering from rigor mortis of the brain!

-- You let them go?!
-- We had to. There was nothing on them, not even an unauthorized refuse deposit citation.
Lestrade and a Yard constable

Prosthetic eyeballs?

-- Don't you notice something out of place? Read the room with your eyes. Everything in it has a story to tell.
-- Well, then, it's got to be a really old story. Ancient history.
-- Ah, but there's 'ancient' and there's just 'really old'. It's something I've become acutely aware of in my current situation. This television, for example. To you, it is a relic, centuries old. But to me, it is an invention that did not even yet exist when I was...uh...(clears throat)...in my heyday.
Holmes and Wiggins

(henchman with weapon pointed at Watson)
One more move, and my mate is going to have to de-magnetize this contraption's memory bank!
Martin Fenwick

-- You knew! But how? I've made myself so blindingly attractive!
-- That's debatable.
Martin Fenwick and Holmes

-- That's a clever tongue you've got in your head, Mr. Holmes. Perhaps it should be silenced.
-- Not by the likes of you, Fenwick!
Fenwick and Lestrade

Eyes and brains, my dears, eyes and brains.
Holmes to Watson, Lestrade and Wiggins

-- What could be so important?
-- The key, dear Lestrade. The key to the whole mystery.
Lestrade and Holmes

When leaders of importance meet to consider the fate of nations, there is often more action at the podium than you'll ever find at a sports field.

You mean, how can I see past your anato-morphing disguise? Please.
There's more to a man than his appearance.

-- You amaze me, sir!
-- (sigh) That happens.
Dr. Cyril Blessington and Holmes

Now you must save me from Moriarty! You are the only one who can -- the only one who is his match. He said so himself.
Dr. Blessington

I must compliment you for the improvement to Fenwick's skull.

Moriarty would be pulling the strings on two of the most powerful nations on Earth, to do with as his whims dictate.

Now that's what I call exciting political discourse!

Your time will come, Moriarty. I shall ring the curtain down on you yet.

"The Sign of Four" by Phil Harnage (SIGN2)

-- Beautiful! Takes my breath away, just looking at it!
-- If the oxygen generator goes down, it'll really take your breath away -- for good.
Sholto Senior and James Morstan

Watson, I've eliminated the impossible and the improbable, and I still cannot deduce where among your notes you have hidden my lunar passport.

That is my job, Miss Morstan -- to know what others do not.

-- But I don't think he's in any danger of cardiac arrest.
-- But in imminent danger of another kind of arrest!
Watson and Inspector Fairlie (Lunar Police)

-- I am....
-- I know who you are. But you have no authority up here. We can solve our own cases, thank you.
Holmes and Inspector Fairlie

Hold on tight, Miss Morstan. We are about to take a great leap of faith.

When we get back to Earth, I'm making an appointment with a body shop.

There's no villainy in this story -- only misunderstanding.

-- You must think we're a little slow up here on the Moon.
-- No more or less than anyone in this room, sir.
Fairlie and Holmes

We all have eyes and we all have brains. It is how we use them that counts -- and how we shall use them in the years to come.

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