Pretty in Punk

Part 3

by Brittney

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Holmes sighed as he examined himself in the mirror. It was a great costume, and he really looked like a 'rocker'. He would give himself that much. But it was the total opposite of the true him, and he didn't like it at all. Of course, he still was going through with it. He never turned down a case just because he didn't like it.

Lestrade came out from his bathroom and turned around for Holmes to examine. "What do you think?" she asked, still twirling. She was covered in tight black pants and shirt. At least five chains were dangling from her pants and one from her neck.

"You're going to strangle yourself, Lestrade. And you must weigh at least ten more pounds with all that rubbish you insisted on puttin on." Holmes shook his head and wondered if this was some prank Grayson was playing to get back at him for that little 'expiriment' Holmes played on him a week ago.

Lestrade interupted his thoughts. "Yeah, well, you need chains for where we're going. They make excellent weapons." She lightly (well, as lightly as you can with a heavy metal chain) swung it around to show him what she meant.

Holmes sounded annoyed. He had been in a bad mood ever since they came back from that concert. "You needn't be so violent all the time, Lestrade. The whole world is not going to attack you. And don't break anything." Holmes added as she almost hit a vase with her newly found weapon.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, interupting their little argument. "I'll get it!" Watson called from the other room. There was a sound of the door opening and a minute later all the irregulars had filed into the room.

Deidre gaped upon seeing the punked Holmes. He was wearing baggy, black jeans with so many pockets you couldn't count them all. His shirt black, too, with a white skull on the chest. His hair was spiked, (much against his will. Lestrade had to litterally bribe him) and he had a chain or two of his own. Deidre swallowed hard. "Mr. Holmes..." she managed to get out, still gaping. "I... that is... you..." she paused. Finally the whole situation hit her as terribly funny and Deidre burst out laughing. "Guess no deer stalker cap for you tonight!!" she went into hysterics at the thought of Holmes trying to fit his deer stalker cap upon that spiked head of his.

With Deidre rolling on the floor, laughing, Holmes trying to calm her down, and Lestrade putting in a giggle or two of her own, Wiggins took charge. He cleared his throat. "So, Lestrade, we think it would be cool to be in your guy's band, but can any of you play instruments or anything?"

Holmes gave up on Deidre and went over to Wiggins. "I've quite perfected the violin." Holmes gestured towards the violin thingy sitting in the corner of the room.

Wiggins looked at it uncertainly. "That's not exactly a punk rock instrument, if you know what I mean." Wiggins bit his lip. "But it is sorta like the electric guitar. you just hold it differently." He brightened up. "I'm an expert at the electric guitars. I'll show you the basics. We'll both play the electric guitars in the band, and Deidre can totally rock the drums! Right, Deidre?"

Deidre had come to her senses while Wiggins was talking and now answered a definent "Yes."

"Beep beep whur." Tennyson looked at Wiggins hopefully.

Wiggins grinned back. "Sure, there's always room for the keyboard." Wiggins turned to Lestrade. "How 'bout you, Inspector?"

Lestrade looked towards the ground. "Umm... I can sing, I guess."

"Great!" Wiggins replied, not noting Lestrade's sudden sheepish mood. "Now we need a name for our band. Something punkish."

Deidre piped up. "The Rebels?" Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. So they became 'The Rebels".

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