Promises Kept, Promises Broken

Part 5

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Disclaimer: I do not own Dr. Pepper...tee hee...just thought Iíd throw that in there. And Dublin refers to Dublin, TX, if any of you get confused....

Chapter Five

The rain hit the roof of the barn with staccato beats, matching the rhythm of Lestradeís own heartbeat and Holmesí. Realizing she still had her hand on his chest, she snatched it back and folded her arms. It wasnít that she was embarrassed, not really, but after what Colin had just got through saying, she was a bit... self-conscious. Yes, that was the word. It was too bad she couldnít see his expression due to the low brim of his hat, although there probably wouldnít be anything worth seeing. She shook her head mentally as he began speaking.

"Actually, I was called here because of the recent rash of odd thefts. Sheriff Johnson seemed to think that I was needed for consultation, as most of them have been happening in and around this county."

"You mean," she began slowly, carefully putting forth her thoughts, "that it is Moriarty and not just some kind of coincidence?"

Holmes shook his head impatiently. "I mean no such thing. While it could have been Moriarty, the evidence is very slight and only circumstantial. There is also the fact that they have only occurred within this state, as well as the fact that the items are completely inconsequential. Several thousand cases of construction paper -- that, may I remind you, is almost never used outside this country, costume jewelry, and the entire stock of Dr. Peppers from the old bottling company in Dublin -- which is not far from here, I believe -- among other non-technological items, cannot be used -ó as far as I have been able to determine -- for making weapons of any sort."

"Well," Lestrade said, "then who or what is behind this, and why? And why are you so interested if it isnít Moriarty?" She still had her arms crossed and was frowning, deep in thought. Why would anyone want all that stuff? She hadnít heard before what it was that had been stolen, only that it hadnít been anything normal. It did explain why none of the official channels had any information. It would be rather embarrassing for them.

"I did not say that it was not Moriarty," Holmes stated evenly, "only that the evidence the sheriff contacted me about is highly circumstantial. And I am still here because this case intrigues me. Now," he made as if to walk out the door, obviously having said what he was going to say and no more, "if you will excuse me, Lestrade...."

"I donít think so, buster," Lestrade growled out, "I just so happen to be intrigued too, and since Watson obviously isnít here anymore...Iím gonna help." She smiled when he stopped and looked at her, though she still wished she could see his expression.

"I was hoping you would say that. It makes things much easier knowing that you are willingly helping." Holmes tipped his hat and nodded towards the door. "Now, if youíll excuse me, maíam," he once again reverted to the thick accent, "I got some washiní up to do afore dinner."

Lestrade stood staring at him a moment, anger and amusement warring with each other. So, he had known the entire time that she was here, and this had all been a ploy to get her to help him of her own free will. Deciding that amusement would probably be the least stressful -ó especially considering she still had dinner to get through -ó she laughed and shook her head. "One of these days, Holmes, Iím going to get you, and get you good. She turned then, and walked out, his rich laughter following her as she made her way down the stairs.

Bleh, really short chapter but...I found the rest of this on a floppy and it kind of doesnít make any sense whatsoever so Iím rewriting it from this chapter on...hopefully the next will be longer.


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