A Relative Close By

Chapter 3

by yearofthedragon (poptate12 at hotmail.com)

Hello, everyone!!! The newest chapter to my fic "A Relative Close By"...

A/N: By the way this is probably going to be a long one. ^_^

Pride barely made it to her seat as the morning bell rang. Preparing for the long day ahead of her, she took all her supplies out while her mind drifted to the meeting with a familiar stranger...

She knew it was Sherlock Holmes and she was more than surprised that she had not fainted on the spot. Come on, she just happened to bump into the most famous detective of all time.

She sighed and glanced at her best friends that were, fortunately, in the same class as her. There was her best bud Hobbes. She had stayed with his family as long as she could remember. They were so close that each knew what the other was thinking. Then there was Tiger, who was the other girl in their foursome. Tiger was the exact opposite of her name... most of the time. She was sweet, gentle and caring, plus helped keep the boys in line. Last was Calvin, or Cal, always calm and indifferent-looking to most people, but his friends saw through that exterior.

They had come to London on an exchange program and were allowed to live on their own after much convincing to the government and lecturing. They each had a job and looked out for one another.

The bell rang ending Pride's train of thought as she dragged herself of to her next class...


"So...Why the late entrance this morning?" questioned Hobbes, hands relaxed behind his head.

They were walking home using their normal route. Pride thought of a way to say what she had to say. She decided to be her usual self... blunt.

"I saw Holmes this morning."

Her friends stopped to look at her with questioning eyes. She nodded as to confirm what they were hearing.

There was an awkward silence... which was momentarily broken by a loud rumble coming from...

Pride's stomach.

She sweat-dropped.

"Oh, god, Iím starving! Letís get something to eat."

And with that they raced home.


After visiting the hospital that Ms. Chandra worked at, and going, disguised, to every metal retailer in New London, Holmes was tired, to say the least.

Resting his eyes for a moment he pondered on the marks that streaked the door. They werenít very deep, more like they were meant to scare someone.

He must have fallen asleep, for the next thing he knew, Lestrade had made herself comfortable on the sofa and was happily munching away at some of Watson's biscuits.

"Oh, good, Holmes, you're awake," Lestrade managed to get out through a mouthful of food. "Do you want to come with me to check up on a couple of brats?"

At Holmes' questioning gaze she explained, again through a mouthful of food, that every month some officer got landed with the task of examining the house of a couple of kids who were here on some kind of program.

Holmes, frankly bored and more than irritated at nothing in particular, nodded his consent and they both set off.

"You're in a rather good mood today." commented Holmes.

"Gregson finally gave me a new hovercar."

"Oh and when do you plan on crashing it?" said Holmes, sidestepping to avoid the punch thrown his way.


"Man, how in the world are we gonna get out of this one?"

"Nhgg fuooo!" came the reply.


"I said, no clue," said Pride.

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