A Relative Close By

Chapter 2

by yearofthedragon (poptate12 at hotmail.com)

Hi, everyone!! Before I start the Inuyasha/Sh22 x-over I want to post up the other chapter to this fic. It's getting too darn quiet around here!!^_^

Here's Chapter 2 of A Relative Close By...

A/N I decided not to make it a crossover just yet. I'll wait until the sequel.

Holmes could find absolutely no new angle to the case, but he did have a few theories. He decided that some fresh air (as fresh as air you could find in the 22nd century) would be useful in speeding the mental processes of his brain.

He grabbed his inverness cape from the rack by the door and left, having no particular place in mind.

That was when he had ungracefully bumped into someone.


The first thing Pride saw was a hand, a hand with long, thin fingers. Her brain registered that whoever she had bumped into must be trying to help her up. Probably a gentlemen. She fought the urge to roll her eyes, but gladly accepted the man's help as she was already late for school.

"I'm sorry, sir. I guess I was running too fast and wasn't looking where I was going," she managed to say while she picked up all the news articles that lay abandoned on the sidewalk.

One of Holmes eyebrows shot up. This young girl lookied to be about thirteen but he hadn't yet had a chance to see her face. She spoke with an American accent, which he had somehow gotten used to, spending case after case with Lestrade.

Another thing that caught his eye was the pile of newspaper clippings she seemed to be gathering. How long had it been since the world used newspapers?

He bent down to help her gather the remaining pieces of paper. She slowly looked up and gasped, but said nothing.

Holmes was rather amused to say the least. Its seemed as if this girl had heard of him, obviously from the news, though, Gregson tried not to give him credit, but this girl was a reporter judging from the camera and electronic notepad.

Her chocolate brown eyes matched perfectly with the almost unnoticable chocolate brown highlights in her raven hair. Her skin was overly tannish, but natural.

"Oi, Ae raheen ho or kya?" A distant shout echoed in a foreign tongue seemed to break the daze. It was a low voice signaling a boy.

Startled, the girl gathered her things and gave a yell,"HA!!!".

After a quick side glance at Holmes, she ran off.


A/N: So how'd you like??? ^_^

The translation to the sentence is "Oi, Are you coming or what?" And "Ha" means 'yes'.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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