A Hard Look into the Future

Part 6

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at aol.com)

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Chapter Six: Javert's Journal Entry

Javert sat at the rickety table in the little room. By the light of "electricity" he wrote in an empty book that was formally Dr. Watson's. Yawning, he dipped the quill pen into the inkwell, brushed off the excess, and put it to the paper. Mr. Holmes gave it to him and said that it might help him sort out his thoughts, as well as help him regain his memory. Though he didn't have to remember; he knew already. But to please the gentleman that was putting him up, he wrote in the old journal.

From the personal journal of Inspector Javert:

June 9th, 2105

Dear Journal,

I am seriously regretting ever jumping from that bridge. This place seems like a nightmare from which I cannot escape. Woman police officers, metal flying machines, and talking pictures are only a few of the things that make me long for the time period I know. I wish that I could blame this on Jean Valjean for his existence here. but nay, I cannot. I can only blame myself. For showing compassion and letting my emotions get in the way.

I am residing in the room which used to belong to Mr. Sherlock Holmes' friend, Dr. John Watson. Mr. Holmes explained to me that the metal man (called a robot) was the assistant of Inspector Lestrade. The robot took in the old journals of Holmes' former friend and once believed himself to be Dr. Watson (though how that is possible is beyond my understanding).

Now, a word about Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Mr. Holmes is a sincere gentleman, He has the air of a nighteenth century man, as well as the manner and behavior. He seems to have adapted to this 22nd century life well. as though he understood right away. I have no doubt that we will get along very well together.

Inspector Beth Lestrade (as she was fromally introduced) is quite a person. She is astoundingly strong, both physically and spiritually. Inspector Lestrade has amazing skills in both self-defense, and incredibly, knowlege of the law. Despite only knowing me for a day's time, she is calm and polite, and speaks to me as though I am a friend. Much of her behavior was not accepted in our society, but here it is.

The problem of Mr. Holmes' archnemesis Professor James Moriarty's revival is something that is plaguing them. They speak of him often, and with much worry and contempt. They tell me that he is quite organized in the criminal world and is a clever man who will not stop until he reaches his goal.

Sighing, he replaced the quill back in the inkwell. Yawning again, he got up and sulked over to the bed. Lying back onto the pillow, he let his eyes flutter shut.

'Maybe I'll just rest them,' he thought.

Before he knew it, Javert had fallen asleep....

To be continued....

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