A Hard Look into the Future

Part 5

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at aol.com)

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Chapter Five: Breaking News

The two men and three teenagers continued to walk down the street towards Baker Street. Javert took in everything; the hovercraft (which he still believed were metal flying machines), streetposts and the clothing that people around him wore. How different this place was compared to his Paris! He heard the younger men and teens speaking to him. He only responded by nodding dumbly, not caring what they were saying. How was he going to get free of this place and return to the Paris he knew? What was to become of him here? His jumbled thoughts were inturrupted when they arrived in front of a set of flats.

"Here we are, monsieur, 221b Baker Street; my home," the detective said with a smile, beckoning them through the door and leading them up the steps. The group entered a small apartment that made the old inspector suddenly homesick. The rooms were in a nineteenth century fashion, and were more decorated than his own flat had been, with photographs, and rugs. To his left was a large desk with a strange flat box on top of it, and another flat board that had a bunch of buttons.

"Must be another one of those 22nd century machines," Javert thought to himself. They were led into another room, which the old man reasoned to believe was the sitting room. It had two large chairs a fireplace, (which was unlit at the moment) and above on the mantel, there were pictures in frames, pipes and various small boxes.

He gasped as a "metal man" came into the room calling out to the young detective. "Hello, Holmes, I thought you might want some tea." He looked at Javert. "Oh, who is this, Holmes?" Javert gasped and stood petrified with fright.

"This is Inspector Javert, from Paris, Watson. M. Javert, this is my friend and faithful robot, Watson. He isn't familiar with New London; in fact, he comes to us from 1832," the younger man explained.

"Oh. Very pleased to make your acquaintance, Monsieur...Javert. I will fetch another cup. Would you like some tea, sir?"

Javert nodded numbly. "Y-yes, t-thank you." he stuttered. The metal man disappeared into the next room. From a short distance, Javert heard a voice from another room. The voice of the female Inspector.

"Holmes! Come here and see this!" the woman called. The blond- haired man walked with quick steps to the room which they had entered from. Curious, Javert followed. When he looked at the big box (for that's what he believed it was) it had a woman in a feminine suit holding a stack of papers. Inspector Lestrade was standing next to the machine, a look of worry on her face.

"Holmes, Sir Evans was badly wounded! Look!" she exclaimed to the young detective. "Continue!" she commanded. The woman in the box moved and talked!

"Renowned genetic scientist Sir Evan Hargreaves, was discovered unconscious and half-dead today at his laboratory and home just outside of New London. There were fingerprints and DNA left behind, though they were slightly erased due to the haste of getting away. They were identified as the DNA of Dr. Martin Fenwick and Professor James Moriarty."

The picture stopped moving all at once. Both Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Lestrade looked at one another, thunderstruck.

"What does that mean?" Javert asked all at once, breaking the tension.

"It means, my dear Inspector Javert, that my arch-enemy is back from the dead."

To be continued...... (cruel, ain't it?? ^_^ )

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