A Hard Look into the Future

Part 2

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at aol.com)

Chapter Two: Deductions and Discoveries

Inspector Javert and the woman turned to see who was speaking. The older inspector saw a tall man, with blondish-brown hair, a traveling coat and hat that was brown. This man looked like HE was from the 19th century.

"What are you doing, Lestrade?" the younger man asked again.

"I am arresting this man for disturbing the peace, Holmes," said the police officer, with an annoyed hiss.

The man snorted. "With all due respect, I think that this gentleman," he gestured to the old man, "has had enough of this and would like to know where he is. It’s obvious he is not from New London, and perhaps, not even from this century. Uh...what IS your name, sir?"

Javert was shocked. How did he know all this? Quickly regaining his composure, he said with a firm tone, "I am Inspector Javert of-"

The younger man stopped him with a gesture of his hand. "Please, allow me. You are Inspector Javert, as you said, from Paris. A police officer for quite some time, you came from the year...1832, I believe. You believe in remaining on duty almost always, have very little leisure time. You are a bachelor and..." The man looked over him again. "...you are a Gypsy." That struck him; he took a step back, and looked wide-eyed at the young man. "Finally," said the gentleman, "you are very distraught at being here."

Javert remained shocked. How? How could this man figure out all this by just looking at him?

"How did you know all that?" Javert demanded. "You have only known me for a few moments!"

The young man chuckled. "I used my eyes and my brains. You have a Parisian accent; I recognized it immediately because I spent some time in France. You said that you’re an inspector, so I determined that you must have spent much of your time gaining the rank of inspector and remaining so without a promotion. I also recognized the clothing of 1832 because I studied the fashions of many decades. I knew that you were a man of very little leisure because you introduced yourself as ‘Inspector’ instead of by your name, so that would mean that either you do not socialize very much, or you care only for your duty. You wear no wedding band and your skin is slightly darker than other Mediterranean types, which means that you must have gotten it somewhere else -- from a Gypsy, of course. They are the only people who have such dark skin that are not African or Asian. Finally, I saw the expression when you got a first glance at Lestrade here, which means that you never had set eyes on such odd clothing. Trust me; I thought it was odd when I first came here, too." He smiled kindly, which led Javert to grin a bit.

"That is exemplary sir! What is the name of the man who can deduce a person so well?"

"I am Sherlock Holmes; at your service, Inspector Javert. Welcome to 2103 in the 22nd century, sir."

"22ND CENTURY! OH MY-" he exclaimed. This was too much for him and he swayed slightly. The woman caught him before he could fall to the ground. "Oh, I can’t even remember -- how I got here!"

"What’s the last thing you remember then, Inspector?"

"I think- it was-"

But he was interrupted again by a young voice calling "Mr. Holmes!" Three young teenagers (at least that’s what Javert thought them to be) had run up to meet the small group. A young girl whom, Javert thought, could be no more than 14; a young black boy, and a young blond-haired boy that was in a VERY odd vehicle.

"What’s up, Mr. Holmes?" the young man asked. He was tall. Brown-skinned, and wearing very strange clothing that was ripped at the shoulders, leaving the young man with bare arms, and what he had thought were bandages on his hands.

The girl smiled. She had short, VERY short, brown hair and light blue eyes with a thick British accent. She had on a long-sleeved shirt and...PANTS?!?!

"Irregulars, I would like you to meet Inspector Javert. Mr. Javert, these are my friends and -- helpers. Deidre..." The girl waved and said hello. "...Wiggins..."

The teenaged boy said, "Nice to meet ya."

"...and Tennyson."

"BUR-WHIR BEEP," ‘said’ Tennyson.

"What did he say?" Javert asked.

"He said, 'hello, sir.'"

"Thank you, Deidre. Now, let's go back to Baker Street. We can see what we can do to help you get caught up to the last 271 years, and determine how to get you home."

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