The Forgotten Past

Part 1

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9/27/01, 3/9/02

Original Author's Note:

This is my VERY first attempt at fanfic, so please go easy on me.

If Sherlock Holmes didnít really tell anyone about his childhood, could it be that he doesnít remember it? What if he wasnít Sherlock Holmes, but a person who looked exactly like him and the real one was missing (or even dead)? The timeline here is the 19th century, when Holmes was thirteen. Forgive me if Iíve gotten a few details wrong about anything. Iíll get to the 22nd Century part later on in the fanfic. One more thing. Does Sher Semloh remind you of anyone?

Author's Note for the Revised Version:

OK.... This is a new and revamped part of my fanfic. Itís basically the same on my site, but Iíve decided to make it less boring and more descriptive than before.

10-year-old Jedi Padawan Sher Semloh ran his small, thin fingers through his short reddish-brown hair. His deep blue eyes scanned the small ship until they found the pilot of the plane. The small, bald Sorrusian pilot, Rees Ona, was a pretty shady character, he concluded. He sensed that there was something wrong here, and so did his Master, Katalialina "Katílina" Shiv.

Shiv was a Jedi Master of twenty-eight, and was considered to be too young to be one; but her strong connection to the Living side of the Force earned her the position. She was a human woman who was average height and looked somewhat Asian, with long, black hair tied into a ponytail and dark, focused eyes.

Sher on the other hand, was tall and thin for his age (but not taller than Katílina), had reddish-brown hair with a Padawan braid dangling on the right shoulder, blue eyes, and had an ability to tell things about people without using the Force at all. Katílina sensed Sher wouldíve been a detective on Coruscant or something if he hadnít been chosen as a Jedi.

"Padawan, you should go and meditate for a while. It isnít good for you to lounge around a ship while you could be preparing for the mission ahead," she said fondly, while giving a 'no fooling around with your saber again or youíre in trouble' look.

'Yes, Master," he answered, knowing exactly what look she was giving. He couldn't help it if he liked to play with the lightsaber. Okay, so there were a few accidents with it (like slicing off part of Kat'lina's new robe, which thankfully, she had put on the clothes hanger), but still. He was only ten after all. Trying to keep his mental shields up as best as he could, he wondered if he shouldíve told Katílina about what the Force had told him concerning the pilot.

Master, I sense something strange about him.

I donít trust him either, Sher. Weíd best not let him know that weíre suspicious of him. Act naturally and keep and eye out for Rees. Thereís no telling what he can do.

Yes, Master. Sher smiled. No matter how he tried, Katílina could always read his mind. He walked towards the sleeping quarters to meditate while trying not to give into his urge to play with his lightsaber.

Meanwhile, Rees started plotting. He had put up with these Jedi for long enough. He knew that they were going to try something soon, he just knew. In his book, it was either to attack first, or get attacked, so he decided to strike first. They donít have a clue. I knew I shouldnít have picked these characters up. How was I supposed to know they were Jedi? Those Bantha. The Jedi killed my family, and now two of their own will suffer.

(The Jedi didnít kill his family, the culprit was actually a criminal who held a grudge against him.)

Rees set the ship to go to a black hole. He smiled in satisfaction. The two didnít look a thing like that green troll person thing, but two is better than one. That oughta take care of them. He sneaked into an escape pod, chuckling.

Big mistake.

"Going somewhere?" Katílina asked with a 'caught you' tone in her voice, blue lightsaber ignited. She was prepared to fight this troublemaker; she had seen tougher opponents before.

"I see you blasted Jedi found out. Luckily Iíve come prepared." He pulled out a blaster and tried to shoot the Jedi, who deflected the shot with her lightsaber, wounding him in the arm. She tried to use the Force to push him, but being Sorrusian, he used his elastic-like body to evade her every attack. Looks could be deceiving with those types of people. He looked lethargic, but he could do some mean flips. He smiled at her surprise, and taking advantage then shot her in the chest near the heart, and she collapsed in pain. Rees pulled out a cylinder, which contained tear gas, activated it and blasted off. Katílina reached for her breather, but fell unconscious.

Sher looked up from his meditation. He sensed something was amiss, and put on his breather, as he heard gas. I hope Master is okay.... he thought, worried more about Katílina than himself, as he activated his lightsaber and prepared to face what was happening outside.

When he saw the scene, his young eyes widened. Luckily he had put on his breather, or else he couldíve been a goner. He rushed over to his Master, and used the Force to heal her wound. She shot in the chest, and chances of survival looked slim. He took her breather from her utility belt, and put it on her.

"Master?" No response. He shook her slightly. "Master?" No response. His eyes started to water. He sensed that she was still alive, and breathed a sigh of relief. He then went over to the control panel, and tried to see if he could save himself and his Master from the doomed plane. Being a Jedi Padawan, he had learned piloting as part of his lessons, but heíd always done quite badly at that part.

Katílina woke up and became alert. "Sher! Thank the Force youíre still alive! Rees got away." She saw that they were in a different place, and calmed down. She took a deep breath. "What are our coordinates?"

Sher looked behind him and grinned. He was right. His Master was alive. He checked the controls. "Master...." Sher began, widening his eyes again.

"What?" she asked irritably. One thing about Katílina Shiv was that she could NOT control her anger in situations like these.

"Weíre heading towards a black hole," he said, trying to keep his voice calm.

Katílinaís eyes widened as well. She gently pushed her apprentice out of the way while taking the controls. "Here. Let me handle this, Padawan. Youíve done enough work for now." She suddenly realized that Sher helped her by healing her wound. The Jedi decided she should thank him, since she couldíve died.


Youíre welcome, Master. Now can you please get back to saving us from the black hole?

Fine, Padawan. One would suspect youíd never get along with the girls with this attitude.

Yuck. I donít like girls.

Katílina rolled her eyes and got back to the controls. She was one of the best pilots in the temple and always knew how to handle a ship in these kinds of situations. Ona was more than a mere pilot; he was also very smart. She deduced that he must've rigged the controls so that there was no override. She tried everything she could, but nothing worked.

"Argh! Thereís no manual override!" she shouted as the black hole came in sight. She took a deep breath. Anger was one of her weak points, and anger could lead one to the Dark Side.

She had to break the news to Sher somehow.

"Sher, Iím afraid weíre going to crash."

Sher wasnít scared. He and Katílina were ready to take death when it came, like Jedi. The Force gave her a premonition of what would come next. It didnít look good. Maybe if he knew, then it wouldnít hurt so much.

"Goodbye, Master." Sher choked, trying not to cry. Kat'lina knew he considered it ridiculous. The only time he ever did was when he was a baby. Still, this was probably going to be the last time he would see her, so he just dropped all formalities and gave in, hugging her tightly.

"Padawan, thereís one more thing."

"You're going to make it." She smiled. At least one of them would survive. She looked down at the boy, who was frowning now. Her smile faded. He knows.

I'll miss you, Master.

You'll forget me.

No! I don't want to!

You'll get amnesia. The Force told me so.

Sher was crying even more now. She wished it wasn't going to end this way. He wouldn't be alone though. She would watch over him, even though he wouldn't remember who she was. Or who he was for that matter.

She hugged him back, emotions sweeping over her. "Iím so sorry, Sher."

The tiny ship was sucked into the hole, but amazingly enough, they didnít die when they went through it. The same could not be said about the crash. The next thing Sher Semloh remembered was waking up with his Master dead, and landing on a strange planet where there was a boy who died from being hit by a falling tree that was caused by the crash. The strange thing was that the boy looked exactly like he did.

He got out his lightsaber and carefully chopped off his braid. Then he switched clothes with the boy so that no one would notice him. He kept his lightsaber, but the crystal it needed was missing. He didnít know why he was doing this, but his instincts told him to. His instincts also told him to get away from the ship, and fast.

Then he looked back at the dead body of his Master. The woman seemed strangely familiar to him, like a teacher or something, but they were close. He couldnít remember what her name was. Then it hit him. He couldnít even remember what his name was! This was going to be hard.

Sher later found the Holmes family, who thought he was Sherlock. They found out he had amnesia and even if they didnít know the cause, gradually convinced him that his name was not Sher Semloh, but Sherlock Holmes. Thatís the person who he grew up to be and thatís who he came to know himself as. The body of the real Sherlock Holmes was never found, as the ship exploded moments after Sher left it and destroyed all the evidence. That is, all but the small green crystal from Sherís lightsaber.

As the boy grew up, he never once became curious about his past. The family's influence had rubbed off on him, and he thought that the other boy's memories were his. The only thing that he didn't know about was why he had that strange rod thing with a button.

It turned out that Katílinaís suspicions were right. Sher, or Sherlock, did become a detective, and a very good one at that. So good that he was brought back to life after being dead...,

Sorry! Sorry for killing the 'real' Holmes. I know you guys are gonna kill me for this....

(waits for angry mob)

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