Things You'd Never Hear on SH22

by Angel (aisumitsukai at

This isn't a fanfic, it's a product of having too much time on my hands.

These are things you'd never hear on SH22:

Grayson: Holmes, there's something I've been meaning to tell you. I love you!
Holmes: OH MY GOD!!!

Holmes: You're all I ever needed, yeeah, so tell me what to do now, I want you back....

Lestrade:This is wrong; we shouldn't be fighting, we should all get along! I'm going to quit my job and become an international peacekeeper.

Moriarty: I love you, you love me, we're a happy family....

(in the middle of a show)
Lestrade: Have you guys ever noticed that we're on TV?
Tennyson: Beep, Beep! *We are? Cool! Does my hair look all right?!*

Moriarty: Hey, everyone, look at this! We're part of a show and we've got a website! Hey, wait a minute! How come there's not a MORIARTY and Lestrade page?!

Fenwick:That's it! I've had it! How come it's always me who gets bossed around?!
Lestrade: You think you've got it bad, I've Grayson yelling at me 24/7!
Tennyson: Beep whurr! *I can't even talk!*
Holmes: I think it has something to do with our writers.
Everyone: Mmmmmmm.
Moriarty: Forget New London, I'm off to destroy the writers!
Deidre: Yeah!
*Everyone walks out of the room*
Watson: Just thought I'd ask -- where are the writers?

Lestrade: Oh my GOD! I broke a nail! What am I going to do?!

Deidre: Lestrade, you're my hero!

Holmes: Watson, digivolve to... oops, wrong script.

Wiggins: Lestrade you've got gorgeous eyes.

Grayson: Lestrade, I want you -- aakkk I lost my voice!

Holmes: Mmmm, this sounds difficult. 1 + 1, you say? Hmmm, I'll have to ask Grayson for help on this one.

Lestrade: What's an ionizer?

Deidre: Lestrade, where do you buy your nail polish?

Holmes: Lestrade, are you busy tonight?

(During breaktime)
Moriarty: Awww, this sucks! this book is way too advanced for me! What's an ugly duckling?
Holmes: 1 + 1 is 2, 2 + 2 is 4, 4 + 4 is, is...oh, deuce this!
Lestrade: All that we ask is that you give peace a chance...
Deidre: Yes, I have just completed reading the Encyclopedia Britannica in five minutes, twenty-two seconds and seven milliseconds.
Wiggins: That's nothing. I can read it in four minutes flat.
Fenwick: There, I've finally finished knitting that little hat for my niece!
Tennyson: What's 'beep whurr' mean again?
Grayson: O sole mio....
Watson: Did I have to be the kind robot?! Couldn't I have been a mass murderer?

Hope you like it! ^_~

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