Part 2

by N.B.D. (Glitterbug880012 at aol.com)

When Lestrade woke up, much to her relief and dismay, she was on the couch at 221b Baker Street. It was true. He had found her, now he wanted to kill her.

"Oh, good, youíre up, Inspector." Watson said happily. "What in Heavenís name was that all about?"

She shook her head, then had to grab onto the back of the couch from dizziness. "Nothing, Watson. Listen, I gotta go. I have some stuff I have to do, people I have to see and places to-"

"Not so quickly, Lestrade!" Holmes strolled in. "You shall tell us what happened, first."

Lestrade just wanted to leave, to get out of there. To go home and hide under her covers, pretending she had no idea what was happening outside. "Itís none of your business. I have to go. Just leave me alone."

She rushed out the door, down the stairs, and back to her flat. She didnít care about her followers; she just didnít want to have to justify her actions.

Quickly packing some clothing, she started to grab books and intentionally messed up her apartment. If they wanted to find her, they would have a hard time figuring out where she went, especially with it looking like an assault and kidnap.

"Doing a little redecorating, I see." She spun around. A familiar man was eyeing the scene. "Itís very you, Inspector."

"Ha ha, very funny, Holmes. I have to make an important call, so, buh-bye!"

It was no use, he could see right through the act. He sat in a char and waited. Sighing and turning, she called Greyson. "Chief?"

"What now?" he barked.

"Itís Lestrade. Listen, Iím not going to be at work for a while."


"Itís Him."

"You mean?"

"Yeah, I gotta see Alicia about it."

"I understand," he said nodding, eyes now softened with worry. "Watch yourself, Lestrade. Ministry would have my head on a platter if we let him get to you."

"Thanks. Lestrade out."

"So, will you share with the rest of the class?" Holmes asked, looking in an album.


He pretended not to hear her. "Firstly, you can tell me why these photographs, very umcommon for today, are moving. Second, who is Ďhimí?"

"Well, if youíd want to understand anything..." She could feel herself starting to crash and burn. "...have you ever heard of a place called Hogwarts?"

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