Part 1

by N.B.D. (Glitterbug880012 at aol.com)

Beth gaped at the screen, the few sentences striking terror in her soul. I KNOW YOU SAW ME, BETH. I GOT EDDY, NOW I'LL GET YOU!

Stumbling from the seat, she ran from her apartment, not sure of what to do. She had seen someone doing something very, very bad when she was little with her brother, Edward, but had never really seen who had done it. Now they were out to get her.

Lestrade froze. They said they got Eddy. She realized that it didn't mean they had kidnapped him; he was now somewhere dead, gone forever. The same person who had done it to him was now out to get her.

Lestrade started the cruiser and forced herself to take a deep breath. It was probably some sick joke that just had coincidentally touched a very bad spot of her's, right? Wrong. What the zed am I going to do?

Go see Holmes, ask if she could perhaps borrow the keys to one of his houses somewhere other than England or France, cry for her brother, and wait until this person left her alone. The answer was long but logical. She nearly was there now. She parked the cruiser around the corner to shake off anyone trying to follow her, hopefully.

Quickly taking a back alley, she was confronted by two large scary-looking men. The closest one aimed his ionizer at her chest. She gulped.

"The boss said he wants you gone."

"Well, Watson, I must say that this day is quite dull. There is positively nothing going on!" Holmes slumped in his armchair.

"Why, Holmes, be glad that there is nothing wrong. Look at the bright side of things for once," his robot friend said in reply.

Sherlock was about to say something in return, but was interrupted by someone entering the flat via the window.

"Who's there?" Holmes asked suspiciously.

"It's only me," Lestrade said weakly as she made her way staggering into the room.

Holmes grabbed her by the arms as he surveyed her state. There was a large cut on her forhead, gushing blood, and scrapes and bruises all over her. There was also tears in her eyes.

"What in bloody hell happened to you?" he said angrily.

She looked at him with fear in her eyes. "He's out for my blood," she whispered before fainting in his arms.

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