The Case of the Desperate Nation

Part 7: The Original Ending

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at

Here's the last part of Desperate Nation. Enjoy!

Inspector Lestrade walked out of the abandoned subway in deep thought. Holmes was safe, he was going to live. But, how did he do it? Did the doctor figure out how to finish the serum? It doesn't matter, she thought to herself. What's important is that Holmes will survive.

Jumping into the driver's seat, Beth was about to take off when she saw something from the corner of her eye. Looking out her window, she saw Fenwick holding the corpse of Moriarty in his arms. 'What is he doing with Moriarty's body?' she asked herself. 'Oh well, I don't really care what Fenwick's going to do. I need to get to Holmes.'

She took off and sped to Baker Street, breaking all the air traffic regulations in the process. In five minutes, she arrived at Baker Street, and mounted the 17 steps again. In moments she had swung open the door to apartment B. A rather shocked Hargreaves and Watson stared at the police officer who stood, hair slightly disheveled, and clamoring to catch a good breath.

But the shock wore off and Sir Evan smiled at her. "Good-evening, Inspector Lestrade, I'm glad you could be here. Mr. Holmes should be waking momentarily. He'll probably be weak for a few days, and his body will need to recover from the poison as well as the fever."

Beth seemed to be at a loss for words. Finally, she asked, "How did you get it?"

The rotund man looked puzzled. "The antidote, you mean? I had help, Watson's included."

Just then they heard a moan resound from the sofa. Turning, they saw Holmes opening his eyes and trying to sit up, without much success.

"Holmes! Are you all right?" Lestrade shouted, rushing to the detective's side again, and helped him lie back.

"Lestrade?" his voice was feeble and quiet "Where am I? What happened?"

"You mean you don't remember, Holmes?" She relayed the story to him again and at the end of the tale, she said "I ended up...." She didn't finish

You....?" Watson inquired.

"I sort of...killed him, by accident." The police inspector blushed slightly.

Sir Evans smiled slightly as Watson said, "Well, now we will not have to worry about him anymore. But Holmes, you've been through a lot and do need your rest. Excuse us."

The doctor and compudroid left, but Lestrade stayed behind. She knelt beside the sofa and looked up at Holmes, whose eyes were closed. "Holmes?" she whispered.

"M-mmmm?" was the response.

"I'm glad you're all right." There was silence, and then she continued "Holmes?"

He did not answer.

"I love you." She kissed his forehead tenderly, and headed for the door. Beth looked one more time at him before she called for lights off and shut the door behind her, leaving the silent room.

The End???

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