The Case of the Desperate Nation

Part 6

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at

Inspector Lestrade flew across New London, following a 3-D map of the city on her computer. A large red dot pulsed loudly, giving away the location of the tracer at a large portion of the Underground.

"Gotcha!" the police inspector exclaimed triumphantly. Speeding up, she arrived in a matter of minutes. Cautiously, she got out of the cruiser, and made her way down the dilapidated steps to the abandoned subway. Turning on her illuminator, Lestrade noticed that the large, metal door was slightly open, and pushed on it. Beyond the door was only more darkness.

He's waiting for me, maybe he knew about the tracer all along, she thought to herself. Calmly, Beth entered the deep, silent tunnel. She walked, hearing only her own footfalls. Lestrade reached another doorway. They were locked, but she was determined to get them open.

"HEYA!" With a mighty kick and yell,the double doors flew open, and Lestrade again started down the corridor. Suddenly, she slipped on something, sending her flying. She landed on her back, and groaning, she picked up her illuminator to see what made her slide. In the bright light, Lestrade saw what she had slipped on: marbles! She snorted in disgust.

"Very clever, Moriarty -- bravo," said she, clapping her hands.

"I thought it was, Ms. Lestrade."

She turned around to see whom the dark voice belonged to. It was Moriarty.

"You're under arrest, Moriarty, and don't EVEN give me that crud about not having any authority in the Underground. I have a special warrant for YOU." She pulled out her ionizer, knowing that it would be a difficult arrest.

Moriarty kicked the gun from her hand, knocking it from her. They leapt for the weapon, but Beth got her hand around it first. They fought for possession of her gun. Punching and kicking, they fought until Lestrade heard a clanging sound. Looking at him, she saw Moriarty's eyes roll back in his head, and watched him fall back onto the pavement, dead. Gasping at what she had done, Lestrade dropped to the ground as well and seized his wrist, hoping for a pulse; there was none. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized what had just happened. Moriarty was dead, and that meant that she could not get the cure for Holmes, so that meant he would die. She looked at her watch and observed the time. Twelve midnight -- it was too late. She began to sob. Suddenly Lestrade heard her communicator beep. Composing herself quickly, she saw Professor Hargreaves on her screen.

"Inspector Lestrade, you need to come to Baker Street. I made the antidote and injected it into Mr. Holmes just a minute ago. He'll be awake in a few minutes."

"I'll be there right away," Beth exclaimed. She smiled as she exited the Underground and swiftly flew back to Baker Street.

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