The Case of the Desperate Nation

Part 5

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at

Early the next morning, Lestrade drove to Baker Street. Entering apartment B, she saw Holmes stretched out on the sofa, a cold cloth lying against his forehead. Sir Evan was kneeling beside him, his back turned to her. Holmes's wrist was in the doctor's hand, who was taking his pulse. Turning to her, he smiled and said, "Good morning, Inspector Lestrade."

"Mornin', Sir Evan," she replied with equal cheerfulness. she walked up to the couch. "How is he?" she asked quietly.

With that, the elderly man's smile disappeared. He turned back to the man stretched out before him on the sofa. "Mr. Holmes's condition is in its final stages. He awoke for only a few minutes; then he fell unconcious again. He's been having nightmares, and Watson and I had to calm him down. I have isolated most of the serum in his body, I only have a few more elements in it."

"I will get the antidote tonight. But I don't trust Moriarty for anything, so I need you to work on it. I know time is growing short...." her voice trailed off in thought.

The old man looked at her and nodded, "I will do my best. I also have a friend of mine who studies poisons from plants helping me."

Lestrade smiled. "Thank you, Sir Evan."

Dusk came sooner than Inspector Lestrade expected and hoped. She clutched the leather bag tightly and bit her lip. She was waiting for Moriarty, or his minion to arrive and to pick up the money. She stood thinking of all that could go wrong. What if I don't get the antidote? she thought to herself. Or what if Sir Evans can't find the cure? No! I must think of New London, and Holmes. If she didn't give the money to Moriarty , New London was doomed, and if she didn't get the counteractive to the serum in Holmes's body, he would die. Lestrade didn't want to satisfy Moriarty by giving in to him, but she didn't want to lose Holmes because she didn't do anything.

Lestrade didn't like to admit it, but she was truly fond of "the Great Detective." She had always regarded him as her hero, even in her youth. She would have hated to lose him now, after all they had been through. It was exciting to have him working with her, ever since that first day when he was brought back to life. Beth sighed as she saw the hovercraft coming towards Baker Street.

This is it, she thought to herself again as the gray armored hover-vehicle landed on the street. Calming herself quickly, Lestrade watched as a orange-haired, grey-skinned, rat-like man stepped out of the craft. "Hiya, Fenwick, long time no see!" she said lightly.

"Don't be cute with me, Yardie, just give me the money!" the scientist exclaimed hotly.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Lestrade shook her index finger. "Hand over the antidote, then I'll give you this." She lifted the bag so he could see it.

Angry, but determined to please his master, he threw the bottle to her, which she caught in her palm. She finished the transaction by tossing the leather bag to him. Laughing, the rat-like man said, "Pleasure doing business with you." Then he leapt back into the hovercraft and took off.

Lestrade smiled as she looked at the tiny bottle. Turning into the building, she mounted the steps and was quickly transported to Holmes's apartment. Rushing through the door, she exclaimed loudly. "I've got it!"

Watson rushed into the room. "What did you get, Lestrade?" The compudroid asked.

"This!" She showed him the bottle.

Watson rushed over to her, as well as Dr. Hargreaves. Both smiled as Hargreaves took the bottle from the inspector. All three walked over to the couch as the doctor took out an already sterile syringe and filled it with the liquid from the tiny vial.

"We'll know in a few minutes if it works or not." He wiped the detective's wrist with antiseptic, then plunged the point of the needle home. Time seemed to seep by slowly. Three minutes went by, and the detective hadn't moved. The serum was a dud.

Standing defeated, Lestrade shook with anger. "I'm going to find Moriarty, and make him give me the antidote, and if he doesn't, I'll make him give it to me."

Walking out of the apartment, Watson and Sir Evans heard the door slam. Both looked at each other in shock.

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