The Case of the Desperate Nation

Part 4

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at

Here's the next part of my story. Sorry it took so long.

At nine the next morning, Lestrade entered Chief Inspector Charles Grayson's office, much to the gray-haired man's annoyance. "What now, Lestrade?" the chief inspector grumbled

"Sir, I want you to approve Moriarty's demand for New Scotland Yard." she stated quickly.

The older man looked at her with complete shock. "Have you gone completely crazy, Lestrade?" shouted Grayson "Why should we give in to his wants?"

"Because it will be easier to track him and find out where he's hiding. I have a plan to do that."

"Oh, zed, the world's coming to an end. Inspector Lestrade has a plan!" said the older man sarcastically.

Lestrade ignored the remark and continued, "We tell him that we agree with his demands.Then, when he tells us where to put the money, we can track him to his hideaway and arrest him.. We can hide a tracker in the bag of money."

"And what makes you think that Moriarty will fall for it, Lestrade?" the chief inspector questioned doubtfully.

"Because Moriarty will send Fenwick to retrive the money, and I know that he would never think of looking for some kind of bug. It's old-fashioned, but it works. I'll stake my job that this will work."

"Very well, Lestrade, I'll have this plan of yours put into action. But this had better work or it will be your job."

"Don't worry, sir. It'll work," said Lestrade calmly, and with that, she left without another word.


At 8:00 that night at New Scotland Yard, Lestrade waited nervously for the large computer screen to turn on. She occasiona;ly glanced over at Chief Inspector Grayson. The look on his face said 'This had better work.' Closing her eyes she whispered to herself, 'Please, God, let this plan work."

Her reverie was interrupted when the image of Professor James Moriarty came on the screen. "Good evening, Ms. Lestrade, Chief Grayson. How is Holmes?" he said with a short laugh

"Just give us the antidote." Lestrade exclaimed hotly.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Lestrade, you must learn some patience." he said with a laugh. "First I get what I asked for."

She looked at Grayson who nodded to her, then she turned her attention towards the screen. "New Scotland Yard agrees that you will not be pursued or arrested for any reason," she said in a quiet voice.

"Now that wasn't so hard, was it, Lestrade?" He smiled evilly "Very well then, we will make the exchange. Meet me at Baker Street in twenty-four hours from now with the money. Good-night!" The screen went blank a moment later.

"Chief Grayson, we'd better surrender the money," she said as she stared at the now-blank screen.

I'll get it back, though. I swear it. And I will save Holmes as well, she vowed silently.

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