The Case of the Desperate Nation

Part 3

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at


"Holmes!" She rushed over to the sofa, forgetting her composure and calmness. Her eyes were wide with fear. "What happened?"

"Lestrade-" Watson was about to stop her, but the detective whispered, "No, you should know what happened. I was walking down Baker Street when a red-headed man stopped me and tried to sell me something. I refused and walked on, the man followed me and I told him to clear off." After this, Holmes paused to take a breath and continued. "He backed away and I went on. He- came up from behind, and when I turned around, the man threw punches at me. I fell to the ground; he pinned my left arm with his left knee, and my other arm with his right hand. The red-headed man pulled out a syringe and injected what was in it, then he ran. I stumbled to my feet, and made my way up to the house. The last thing I heard was Watson asking me if I was all right; then I lost conciousness." Holmes shut his eyes after this explanation in exhaustion.

"Holmes?" Lestrade said softly.

The detective's eyes opened slowly.

"Moriarty got on the air somehow and said that if he didn't receive fifty million credits in three days, he'll detonate 4 bombs that he planted and destroy New London. He also said that if I he received a vow from New Scotland Yard that, in the future, we do not pursue him or arrest him for any crime, he'll give us the antidote to the poison that's in your body. I won't stop until I have Moriarty caught."

Holmes smiled and nodded. "You are the detective now, Lestrade. Good luck." And with that, he slipped away from the world again. Afterwards, the three turned from the couch. "What do we do now?" the compudroid asked.

"What we do is wait. Watson, you stay with Holmes and monitor his condition. Sir Evan, I need for you to start working on the cure." The doctor nodded.

"What are you going to do, Lestrade?" Watson asked.

Walking to the door and opening it, she announced "I'm gonna start putting my plan into action."

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