The Case of the Desperate Nation

Part 2

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at

Inspector Lestrade stood in the kitchen of her tiny apartment, making herself a sandwhich before returning to her duty. Strolling to her couch, she was just about to sink her teeth into the sandwich when the holophone rang.

"Oh, who could that be? I can't even get something into my stomach without being interrupted!" The holophone turned on automatically, displaying her partner, the compudroid she called Watson.

"Lestrade, come quickly!" the droid looked panicked.

"What happened?" she barked trying to hide her worry.

"Holmes staggered into the house and just collasped. I examined him and found a puncture wound from a needle. I called Sir Evan Hargreaves to come over and examine Holmes' blood." Watson explained quickly.

"I'll be right over." Her voice was firm, but she was trying hard to hide the concern that her dear friend was in danger. Leaving the sandwich on the coffee table and grabbing her keys, she left.


When Lestrade arrived on Baker Street, she noticed that a silver hovercar was set on the curb in front of the apartments where the detective lived. She made her way up to flat B and opened the door abruptly. Standing in the sitting room were the robot and a robust man with receding white hair who was wearing a white lab coat. The police inspector advanced towards the couch and saw Holmes lying there unconscious, shaking and twitching as though he was in pain.

Sir Evan was the first to break the silence. "Hello again, Inspector Lestrade," said he, politely offering his hand to shake, which she took.

"Hello. Have you determined what's in his system?" she questioned softly.

"It looks like a poison from South America, something that the Native Americans used to kill enemies slowly. They were shot with it, then the victim would experience nightmares and fever until they died. They go in and out of consciousness at first, but then they lose consciousness completely and never come back out of it. Victims die three days after being shot with the poison. There was no known antidote for it back then, but I can try to break down the elements in the poison and see what I can do about making an antidote."

"Thank you, Sir Evan," she said softly. The doctor smiled kindly and nodded.

Suddenly, the screen of the computer came on, and all three recognized who was on screen.

"Attention, citizens of New London, this is Professor Moriarty. I have planted 4 bombs around New London and will detonate them and level the city if I do not receive fifty million credits by three days from now. And this message is for you, Inspector Lestrade. If you want to save Sherlock Holmes' life, I want you to assure me that you will not pursue or arrest me for any crime I may commit. I will contact you personally for the confirmation. You have three days, ladies and gents. If you love your city, you will pay up. Have a nice evening." The last comment was followed by hideous laughter.

The three occupants of the room could only stand in silent shock. What shook them from it was a feeble voice behind them.


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