In the Name of Love

Part 9

by Brittney

General Disclaimer

I forgot I ate the rest of the ice cream last night, so I'll just do the next part ice cream-less. And yes, I do already know I'm weird. Oh, and sorry I didn't label the last part. that was part 8, but I'm sure you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that out. Now, on to part 9!! Oh, wait!! I remember now! I didn't eat all the ice cream; I hid all the ice cream in the back of the freezer so my little sister wouldn't eat it all while I was gone!! That's what happened to it! Wait a bit while I go get ice cream.... There! MMMMMMMMMM. OK, I'll just start the part now. Hey, that rhymes. Start the part, start the part, start the part. *Everyone gives Brittney a scolding look* OK, OK. I can take a hint. I'll just start writing now.

Holmes blinked twice. The bright lights had temporarily blinded him, and the shock he had recived still lingered a bit in his joints. But all his memories were still intact.

"What happened?!" the officer yelled to the one in the room when he realized Holmes was still himself.

"I don't know. Something went wrong." A familiar voice floated into Holmes' ears. 'Watson?!' thought Holmes, quite surprised. 'Watson was behind the controls??' Holmes grinned to himself. 'Good old Watson. He tampered with the controls to make it the cryptnosis machine a failure.' But the thought that Watson would not be able to save him forever and Lestrade was already gone spoiled Holmes' good mood.

The officer guarding Holmes now left him, and trudged towards the control room. "Here, I'll fix it," the guard called to Watson as he dragged himself along.

This was Holmes' chance. The thought of escaping never crossed his mind before because he was so worked up about Lestrade. But now he decided it was better to have at least a memory of her, if nothing else.

Holmes expertly wriggled out of the straps attaching him to the chair and was about to take off the helmet when Lestrade forced the door to the room open. You could never see a look of more surprise and happiness than what was on Holmes' face when he saw Lestrade. "LESTRADE!?" It was all he could say for the moment.

"Oh, Holmes!" Lestrade ran toward him from the doorframe.

Meanwhile, the officer had already fixed the problem when he saw Lestrade burst through the door. He had been temporarily dumbfounded at the two detectives' reunion, but now came to his senses. The officer slammed his hand down on the 'cryptnotize' button while Holmes was distracted by Lestrade and still had the helmet on.

Lestrade immediately saw the light coming through wires towards Holmes' head. "Holmes!" she called out. Before she could think twice, Lestrade yanked the helmet off of his head. The lights reached the helmet before Lestrade could put it down, however, and Lestrade suffered the same shock Holmes had.

She dropped the helmet when the machine had let out its puff of smoke, and fell into a dead faint.

Holmes wasn't sure if the machine could erase your memories if it just touched your hands, but he sure hoped it didn't. He kneeled next to her and grabbed her hand. "Beth?" His voice was barely audible. He looked down on her with watery pale blue eyes, and his breathing became uneven. Still, Lestrade didn't move.

There! It's finally done! Well, that part anyway. There's just one more part to go before my fic comes to an end. hope you like it!!

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