In the Name of Love

Part 8

by Brittney

General Disclaimer

Here's the next part. This is going to be finished soon, hopefully. I have three different endings that I can't choose from. maybe I could combine them or something... Well, we'll see. but for now, here's the next part.

Lestrade banged on the door of 221b Baker St. She kicked wildly at it, leaving a multitude of little scratch marks on it. "Holmes! Watson! Open up! Now!" Yet nobody answered from inside, leaving her to figure out a way to get in by herself. It didn't take much figuring.

Lestrade whipped out her ioniser and gave the door a good shot. The ancient door finally fell, leaving the inside of Holmes' flat comepletely exposed to any intruder.

Lestrade walked in and put away her ioniser. "Holmes? Watson?" Nobody answered. The house was empty. Lestrade looked at her watch with haste. It was 10:30. 'Holmes should be back by now.' she thought, becoming worried. 'It doesn't take that long to rob the Yard, and even if it did, people would be there now, and Holmes wouldn't be able to rob it. He should be here!'

Lestrade tried to comfort herself by telling herself that Holmes was probably called in by New Scotland Yard to solve his own crime. Or maybe he went out for a stroll to clear his head. Lestrade took a deep breath and was about to go out of the house when Dr. Cushing appeared on Holmes vid-phone. "Lestrade!" she called out.

Lestrade spun around, mystified. "How... how did you find me at Holmes' house?"

"Well, I tried your house first, then your portable vid-phone, but you didn't answer either of them. So I tried Holmes'. From what you told me last night, it wasn't hard to figure out that this is where you'd be if not at your own house. So now that I've finally reached you, I need to show you this." Dr. Cushing held up a test tube, very much like the test tube that she had put Lestrade's poison in, but the chemical in this test tube was blue and bubbly.

Lestrade peered at the small tube. "What is it?"

"The poison." Dr. Cushing's voice rang in Lestrade's ears. "It's been activated. Thankfully, it's not in you anymore, but if it were..." Dr. Cushing trailed off, leaving Lestrade to fill in the blanks for herself.

But Lestrade no longer thought for her own safety. "Holmes!" she exclaimed, her worries rising to an extent Lestrade never thought possible. "Something must have happened to him for Moriarty to activate the poison! Holmes is in trouble!" Then, for an instant, Lestrade wondered if Holmes had given up and told Moriarty 'no' to doing a crime and decided to let her die. But the thought was soon erased, and she scolded herself for thinking such a dreadful thing.

Lestrade started running for the door when she heard Dr. Cushing call after her. "Lestrade, what are you doing?"

"Finding Holmes!" she answered over her shoulder and bolted out of 221b Baker St., leaving Dr. Cushing alone, speechless.

Holmes watched the hands on the clock move ever so slowly in the waiting room. It was 11:00, an hour before his crypnotizing began. He was the fifth one to be crypnotized in the room. Holmes shut his eyes and breathed hard. Lestrade's life had been taken from her, and now so was his. 'How could Moriarty do such a thing?' Holmes wondered. 'I knew he would ruin my life, but Lestrade's? How can anybody, even Moriarty, be so evil?'

Holmes sighed, and wished Lestrade hadn't brought him back from the dead. 'I was the cause of her death.' he thought. 'If she hadn't resurrected me, she wouldn't be dead right now.' Holmes shuddered and cursed himself for even living.

Holmes watched as each man ahead of him went into the crypnotizing room evil and came out good, with not a single memory of what had happened earlier than that second. Holmes realized with a shiver that his life in the 1800's would be completely forgotten, and Watson and Lestrade would no longer exist in his world. Then Holmes cursed himself again as he remembered that Lestrade no longer existed in any world. She was gone.

Finally, it was Holmes' turn to be cryptnotized. A guard shoved him into the large room, staying close behind him. The guard forced Holmes into the chair, although Holmes was perfectly willing to sit down by himself, and strapped Holmes' wrists and ankles to it. Finally, he placed the helmet on Holmes' head, and took a few steps back.

The officer then gave a thumbs-up sign to a man's shadow in the window of the control room. Holmes could hear twistings of knobs and some fiddling with buttons. Finally, the machine roared to life and two bright lights ran down the long wires into Holmes' helmet. There was a brief yet painful shock as bright lights emerged from the machine. The cryptnosis machine let out a puff of black smoke to let the officers know it was done.

The officer peered at the man sitting in the chair ahead of him. "Did it work?" he wondered out loud.

I'm gonna leave off there. Yes, I know this one wasn't as good as the others, but I'm sleepy, remember? OK, OK, that's no excuse. Still, hope you liked it. I'm almost done.

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