In the Name of Love

Part 7

by Brittney

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Lestrade opened her eyes to white surroundings. Everything around her was a pure white, the only color in the room was herself and a girl standing above her. "Huh?" Lestrade mumbled, stupefied by what was going around her.

The girl looking down on her spoke in a soft voice. "How are you feeling?"

Lestrade rubbed her head with a low moan. "Where am I?"

"Don't you remember?"

Lestrade bolted into a sitting position as the memory came back to her. She was in a hospial. She just had surgery to get the poison out of her body that Moriarty put in. The girl above her was Dr. Cushing, and Holmes was still around committing crimes, trying to save her life.

Everything came back to her in short, choppy sentences, but eventually she had the full memory. "Did it work, then?" Lestrade asked, referring to the operation that was meant to get the poison out.

Dr. Cushing held up a small testtube in reply. "It's all here, Lestrade. If Moriarty presses that button, nothing will happen to you. No worries."

Lestrade grinned. Now to tell Holmes. Even if Moriarty watched her tell him on his video camera, there was nothing he could do. The poison was gone. "How long have I been out, doctor?"

Dr. Cushing wrinkled her brows in thought. "Hmmmm... probably about four hours."

"Then what time is it?"

"Nine in the morning."

"Any side effects?"

Dr. Cushing thought for awhile, then answered cheerfully, "Maybe a minor headache, but other than that, none."

"Great! Thank you, Dr. Cushing!" Lestrade handed the doctor a thousand credits, and leaped out the door to find Holmes before he did anything else.

Holmes sat in the cell, his hands bound together, with a worried look on his face. Lestrade had not come into work that morning, so much he had gathered from overhearing Greyson through the vents. Holmes sat on the cot, and banged the back of his head against the wall.

He was scheduled to be crypnotized at twelve noon today for his crimes. 'What happens to Lestrade once I'm crypnotized?' he kept wondering. 'Or better yet, what has already happened to her?' Holmes shuddered.

Grayson passed Holmes' cell without even a glance. Holmes called out to him. "Chief Inspector!" Grayson turned around with a snarl.

"How could you? After all the Yard has done for you, and you end up being the cause for all the worry these past few days!"

Holmes couldn't say anything. Grayson wasn't himself today. That just didn't seem like something Grayson would say on a regular day. "Where is Lestrade?" Holmes asked, ignoring the remark Grayson had made.

"Your partner isn't going to bail you out, if that's what you want." Grayson sneered.

"I don't expect her to. I just need to see her." Urgency rang in Holmes' voice.

"Well, I don't know where she's gone off to. She isn't here. Why do you want to see her?" Grayson demanded.

But Holmes went silent in thought. 'Oh, Lestrade!' Tears almost came to his eyes. Grayson growled and walked off when he realized that Holmes wasn't going to answer. About half an hour later, another officer came to his cell. "You're almost next. Come with me." The officer open Holmes' cell, grabbed him by the arms, and took him to the waiting room to be crypnotized.

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