In the Name of Love

Part 6

by Brittney
5/28 - 5/29/04

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Thanx to all two of my reviewers: Mary and Alicia. *applause* You girls have really given me the support I needed!!! Thanx!

Lestrade ran into her house, and immediately started hooking up the camera to her computer. Holmes had already been bugged, and now all she had to do was watch from the safety of her home. Finally, Lestrade got the wires in their right places, and a faint picture started to appear on the screen. But only for a few seconds, then it disappeared, and the connection was lost. "Zed!" Lestrade banged her hand on the computer desk. "What is wrong with you? Why won't you work?"

Then, as if in response to Lestrade's question, a message popped up on the screen. 'SIGNAL INTERFERENCE. THIS LINE IS BLOCKED. PROBLEM # 204. SEE MANUAL FOR HELP.

"Line is blocked?" Lestrade repeated in wonder. "By who? Who else is tracking Holmes?" Lestrade tapped a few keys on the keyboard, and eventually hacked into the other person's line. She now sees everything they see, hear everything they hear, and find out the same things they find out.

Lestrade peered into her computer screen and let her mind race. 'So someone else is keeping track of Holmes. Who could it be? Most likely one of his enemies. But I'm not his enemy, and _I'm_ tracking him. Someone who cares, then? Could it be Watson? Perhaps... but still not likely.' Lestrade sighed and decided to just keep focused on what Holmes was doing. Right now, he was just sitting down, thinking very hard about something. And that was not very exciting to watch.

Lestrade sat there for hours, spying on Holmes doing just normal, everyday stuff. He ate, read the newspaper, talked to Watson a bit, and sat in his chair doing nothing but think. Now it was 10:00 at night, nothing exciting had happened, and she was tired. Lestrade was about to give up and go to bed, when she noticed that Holmes had finally moved from his chair. He grabbed his Inverness and deerstalker and went out the door.

Lestrade was immediately snapped away from the dull mood she had fallen into, and leaned closer to the screen. Holmes was going to the river, following the blood-stained path. When he got there, Holmes looked around him, spotted what he was looking for, and moved towards that object.

Lestrade squinted into the screen at the object Holmes was now talking to. "Moriarty!" Lestrade gasped. "Holmes is partners with Moriarty!? No, that is impossible! Moriarty must have cryptnotised him or something!" Lestrade strained her ears to hear what they were saying.

"How was your day today, my dear Holmes? I hope that arm of yours didn't hurt too much." Moriarty snickered at his own sarcasm. Seeing that Holmes was not about to answer, Moriarty continued. "Tonight your target is the Yard. I want you to go into the Yard and steal all pieces of evidence of any crime that they have been holding. Bring them to me. If you can't get them all the first time around, then go a second time. Got it?"

Holmes gritted his teeth and nodded his head. As he turned to go to the Yard, Holmes heard Moriarty yell after him. "Oh, and Holmes? No 'evidence' this time. I want a clean robbery, no trace of anything. Don't screw this up."

Sorry! I sort of forgot that I had to do dishes tonight, and was in the middle of the chapter when my mom decides that it is the perfect time to remind me. but I'm back now, and please keep in mind that Holmes and Moriarty are still talking. that wasn't really the end of what Moriarty was saying. OK, here's the rest.

Holmes nodded his head and gritted his teeth. As he turned to go to the Yard, he heard Moriarty call after him, "Oh, and Holmes? No 'evidence' this time. I want a clean robbery, no trace of anything. Don't screw this up. Remember, I'm watching you. I'll know if you make any attempt to get out of this. One wrong move, and the poison in Lestrade's body kicks in. Get it?"

Holmes spoke through a clenched jaw. "Yes." And went off to New Scotland Yard.

Lestrade gulped. "Poison?" Her mind tried to grasp the concept. "Moriarty poisoned me? Then that means that Holmes is doing all this just to keep me alive." Lestrade's mouth went dry. He was risking everything he lived for to save her. "And what did Moriarty mean when he said 'I'm watching you'?" Lestrade gasped in realization. "The other camera line! The one I'm hacking into right now! It's Moriarty's!" Slowly the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and Lestrade figured out the whole thing. She repeated it to herself to make sure it made sense.

"Moriarty somehow poisoned me, and told Holmes that if he doesn't do what he says, I'll die. So Holmes listens to Moriarty. Moriarty bugs Holmes so that Holmes can't tell anybody or Moriarty will kill me. So Holmes is forced to be Moriarty's slave! Because of me!!" Suddenly a pang of guilt shot through Lestrade like a bullet. 'What to do next?' Her mind raced.

'First off, I have to get the poison out of me. I'm not bugged, so I can go to a docter and get it taken out. Then I'll tell Holmes what I did, and everything will be all right.' Lestrade's plan was so simple, yet so foolproof, that Lestrade was quite surprised how fast it had come to her.

Lestrade bounded out the door, forgetting about her computer (which was still displaying Holmes' every move), and went on to Dr. Cushing's office.

Holmes groaned as he trudged up the steep hill towards New Scotland Yard. 'Is there no end to this?' he thought hopelessly. 'Am I to become one of Moriarty's henchmen forever?' The thought itself was dreadful, but if it meant saving Lestrade's life, then so be it.

Holmes finally reached New Scotland Yard. He expertly snuck in without setting off the alarm and began loading evidence bags. He would have to make at least three trips in order to clear the whole room of things.

Just before leaving from the first trip round, Holmes cleared every trace of him being there, except for the security tape in the far corner of the room. Holmes groaned as he realized how high up it it was. He decided to get it his last trip, it might be easier that way.

But as Holmes made his way out the door, one of the bags dropped and triggered the alarm. Immediately, the sirens screamed as loudly as possible, and the doors started closing. Holmes darted out of the Yard, a shutting door barely missing him.

Gasping for breath after finding a hiding place in the bushes, Holmes realized that he hadn't gotten the security tape. All his movements had been recorded on that one tape, and now the police had surrounded the building and there was no way to get it.

Holmes groaned. This was how a criminal feels when he knows he isn't going to get away with his crime. But one question remained on his mind. 'Will Lestrade be killed when I get caught?' Holmes groaned again. It seemed video cameras were the second evilest thing in New London, next to Moriarty.

Suddenly a whole gang of officers ran up to where Holmes was standing and surrounded him. One of the officers yelled for Holmes to put his hands behind his back. Holmes could feel the cold metal of the cuffs rub against his skin.

About ten Yardies got together and dragged him to the Yard, though Holmes put up no struggle.

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