In the Name of Love

Part 1

by Brittney

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"I don't know, Lestrade!" Holmes got up from the ground after inspecting the jewelry store for any clues. "You were right, Lestrade. There is no clue at all. This case is insoluble!"

Lestrade gasped at her partner. "But... But... There must be something!! Tell me how fast he was walking. How tall is he? At least tell me what time he was here!" As much as she loved being right about there being no clue, she hated to hear Holmes say that. She had expected him to come here, find at least five clues that she had over looked, give her a lecture on 'eyes and brains', and walk swiftly away to track down the criminal. But instead, he had declared her right and the case unsolvable. For some reason, this hurt Lestrade, though she had no idea why. "C'mon, Holmes! Give me the time, at least!!"

Holmes shook his head. He would love to tell her that the criminal was here at 2:21 am, has messy blond hair, blue eyes, is six feet tall exactly, and is standing in front of her now, but Moriarty was watching his every move. Holmes took a deep breath and sighed. "There are no clues, Lestrade! There is absolutely nothing to go on! We are dealing with a master criminal here. Even better than Moriarty!" (Holmes couldn't resist adding that even at Moriarty's own trade, he was the better man.) "What do you want me to do?"

"But, Holmes! There are always clues! You said so yourself. There must be something! You can't give up!!"

Holmes sighed again. "What am I supposed to do, Lestrade? There isn't anything! I was wrong, there aren't always clues." Holmes turned around and started walking down the street, leaving Lestrade standing there, dumbfounded. He grit his teeth. Holmes had left some deliberate clues at the crime scene for Lestrade, but she over looked them, and if were to point them out, Moriarty would be on him in a second. Or rather, on Lestrade in a second. He grit his teeth even harder at his situation.

Holmes entered his flat and slammed the door in frustration. Watson immediately was asking what was wrong, but Holmes couldn't answer truthfully. He knew he was bugged, and his every movement was being monitered by Moriarty, but he couldn't crush the tiny camera out of fear for Lestrade's life. He had a meeting with Moriarty tonight, perhaps something will come up that Holmes could take advantage of and get out of this mess. Then again, he might be forced to a life of crime and slavery for the rest of his life. Holmes' sighed once again. Only time could tell.

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