In the Name of Love

Part 10

by Brittney

General Disclaimer

Last part! Finally! Hope you liked it!

Lestrade opened her eyes to find Holmes kneeling over her, his hand gently rubbing her face. There was actually a tear drop running down his cheek, and his eyes were full of worry and love. (yes, LOVE) "Lestrade?" his voice was soft and his warm breath tingled her cheeks. He was leaning really close to her.

Lestrade gave a low moan and shut her eyes in pain. Holmes brought her to a half-sitting position, his arm supporting her back. "Are you all right?"

"Um... Yeah, I...." a sudden silence came over Lestrade as she looked into the eyes of her companion. There was something there, though she didn't know what, that made her stop dead. This was not a time for words.

They stopped there for a moment, each one motionless, staring into the other one's eyes. Then, on a sudden impulse, both leaned closer to each other, and their lips locked.

Harmony fell over the room, and it seemed as if time itself had stopped. You could almost hear singing, and the room that had held so much dread just moments before now held nothing but the sweetness of love.


Holmes got into the passenger side of the hover car with a sigh. His name had finally been cleared, thanx to Lestrade who had pursuaded Grayson (with the help of Dr. Cushing) to accept the truth.

Lestrade got into the driver's seat by him. She took off at a surprising speed, (even for Lestrade) and Holmes couldn't help but remark that after all they had gone through, they were both going to end up dead anyway because Lestrade insisted on seeing exactly how recklessly she could drive.

Lestrade shrugged the comment off, but slowed her speed down a bit. After the cruiser had gotten to a steady pace, Holmes started a conversation.

"Lestrade, how did you know you were poisoned in the first place?"

Lestrade grinned. Should she tell him he had been bugged, or leave the camera there for future spying? Lestrade finally decided to tell all, and the rest of the ride was spent telling each other their side of the story.

Lestrade dropped Holmes off at his flat, and sped away before he found out what she had done to his flat.

Holmes didn't even turn glance at his house, instead he stood there, watching Lestrade speed down the road, thinking. 'Moriarty is still out there, already planning his next move. No doubt his next plot is more evil and sinister than this one. But I'll be ready for him.' Holmes thought, still staring down the street. 'Besides, something good came out of all of this. I do believe Lestrade and I have a future together.'. Holmes didn't even scold himself for thinking this, as he would have before.

Holmes turned toward his flat and gasped. His hand-carved, three hundred-year-old, mahogany door had been blasted to pieces, leaving the inside of his home unguarded. Holmes looked down and saw a couple of footprints. "Lestrade!!!" Perhaps there wasn't a future in store for them after all.


OK, there! It's all finally finished. Hope you liked it! Please tell me whether you liked it or not. Oh, and Alicia? You owe me $.10. No Watson.

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