Demoness' MST: Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

Part Deuce

by Demoness ( )

Back in the room in which Moriarty has trapped our heroes: Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Lestrade, and Dr. Watson, to watch old movies about Sherlock Holmes and his unchronicled adventures.

*The screen quickly changed from the countdown to the theme music, and the logo of Universal Pictures in a black and white color.

Lestrade: *groan* Black and white movies? Come on, Moriarty, you can come up with something better than this!

A man dressed in a business suit and a hat strolls down the street and enters a resturant busy with customers. He grabs a newspaper and joins another man at a table near a curtained window.

Holmes: Hmm...We didn't dress like that in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. If I'm not mistaken, that's pre-World War II fashion.

Lestrade: You were still alive then?

Holmes: Yes, but by then I had stopped in the detective business. Too old for the hazards that came with it.

Suddenly another man, older-looking with white hair and a white mustache and slightly sunken cheeks, dressed in a long coat and carrying a bag of something entered the resturant and joined the two other men.

A waiter approaches the trio: "Shall I throw him out, gentlemen?"

"Nein. We wanted to buy some books from him," replied the second man in a familiar German accent. The old man pulled out several books from his bag and started to sell them to the Germans until the waiter went away.

Watson: If this is World War II? Then I'm guessing that's you, Holmes.

Holmes: I certainly did not look like that.

Lestrade: Of course not. We already know what you looked like at that age. Remember, Watson?

Watson: How could I forget? I was the one who reported you in for breaking and entering at the warehouse and later stealing Holmes here.

Holmes: Shhh. I want to here what the old man is saying.

"You must also keep a look out for a..." The old man paused as a waitress approached from behind. "I tell you I sell these books to you no less..." Then continued with what he was saying before as the waitress left. "for Sherlock Holmes." ------- Lestrade: Hmm...Damn it! Moriarty rewinded it! We missed what the old man was saying! Moriarty: Then pay attention for now on. I'm not going to rewind it. Watson: Grouch ------- And as if one cue the old man returned to selling his books. The two other men pretended to be angry with him and the waiter returned to throw him out. The other man glanced out the window to watch the old man strolling across the street and up the stairs of another building. He glanced around making sure the coast was clear before entering the building. Inside waited another handsome man possibly in his mid thirties. The old man approached him and began taking out his books again. "Mr. Holmes I'm glad you are here." ------- Watson: I told you it was Holmes! Holmes: Bah! I knew it from the start. Lestrade: Uh huh. I think I remember this movie. I think its the one where Moriarty gets... Holmes: Don't tell me!!! Lestrade: Eesh! I didn't know you were so into fiction, Holmes. Holmes: Well, I'm not and its not every day you get movies made after you. ------- Suddenly the screen went blank and the trio groaned in frustration. ------- Lestrade: Zed! What happened to the movie? Moriarty: I cut it off for the time being. Watson: What did you do that for? Holmes: So he can torture us with the suspense as to what happens next. Moriarty: Correct as ever, Holmes. Lestrade: Thats just plain cruel. Moriarty: I agree. Lestrade: Zed! Holmes: So when do we get to see the rest of it? Moriarty: Looking forward to it eh, Holmes? Holmes: Lets just say I am somewhat interested. Moriarty: Well, for you. It'll be a few days. Lestrade: *groan* Than what do we do in the meantime? Moriarty: Whatever you like. Escape is futile so go ahead and waste your time with that. Watson: I say we have plenty of time. Holmes: Agreed. Moriarty: Very well. Well, I'll check up on you three in a few days. *chuckle and turns off the mic* Lestrade: Zed Zed Zed! Greyson is going to have my head. ------- Watson lifts up a hand and scans the walls while Lestrade vents her frustration on the door again. Holmes on the other hand has started pacing the room thinking about the movie. ------- Lestrade: *pauses in her pounding* Holmes? Aren't you going to try and help escape this place? Holmes: As the good Professor said, "Escape is futile". Watson: You are giving up? Holmes: No. One thing I have learned in my other life is that no place is escape proof. There is a way and we will just have to wait for that oppertunity to come knocking at the door. Lestrade: So what do we do in the meantime? Watson: We could play games to pass the time? Holmes: Games are for children, Watson. Lestrade: I thought you would like games, Holmes? They can be challenging. Holmes: Alright, then lets play a game. I propose you come up with better ideas to keep me from going insane. There is nothing in here to do. No violin, no keyboard, no pipe, no cases, no nothing. *waves hands about the room in a frustrated manner* I believe this was also a part of Moriarty's plan, to drive me crazy. Watson: Oh dear. Lestrade: Hey what about me? I'm stuck in here with a 19th Century dead guy and a robot who thinks he's the real Doctor John Watson. Holmes: *glares* Then perhaps you should not have brought me back to life, Lestrade. Lestrade: I'm beginning to regret it. Watson: Please, please! Stop fighting. This is also probably what Moriarty wants too! ------ Silence fills the room as Holmes and Lestrade stare at each other in a deadly locked gaze. Lestrade is the first to back down and sigh followed by Holmes. ------ Holmes: What will we ever do with out you, Watson? Watson: Throttle each other perhaps? Lestrade & Holmes: *smirks and chuckles* ************* TBC


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