MST of "Don't Think of Me"

by Angel (aisumitsukai at

I had to give MSTing a try, and so, cringing and wincing, I went and read through all my completed fics (God, am I ashamed) and picked out the (to me) least horror-inducing one. (For the readers and the characters.) ^_^

Chapter Six: Play MSTy for Me

PLOP! Mr. Sherlock Holmes found himself, yet again (to his uttermost horror), in the, now familiar, (sadly) turquoise room. Funny thing was, he was the only one in it.

Holmes: *suspicious glance*


Lestrade: *lands in Holmes' lap* GAH!

(A/N: Sorry, had to do that.)


Harry&Ginny: *both land on opposite couch* AHA!
*point gleefully at Holmes and Lestrade*

Lestrade: *hastily moves onto couch* It's not LIKE that! *glare*

Harry&Ginny: Suuuure....

*disc with neon green sticky note on it appears on table*

Harry: *picks it up and reads* 'Yes, yes, it was like that, Inspector!

Ginny: AHA!

Harry: *reading* Well, okay, it wasn't but it could've been!

Ginny: Drat!

Harry: *reading* Anyways, Lestrade, you said we shouldn't waste paper so you can upload this into your wrist-com.'

Lestrade: Oh, well, that's nice!

Harry: Wait, there's more. 'If you don't upload this I'll MST all my other fics. And do you know what the main theme of all those fics is? (Take a wild guess.) And might I add that they are very out of character!'

All: *grimace*

Lestrade: Peachy. *sighs and uploads disk*....*reads*

Don't Think of Me.

Holmes: What an imaginative title.

by Angel (aisumitsukai at

Ginny: I think her name is rather ironic.

(A/N: Hey! I have a thing for winged people!)

Lestrade: *mumbles something about flea-infested birdbrains and keeps reading*

Yeah, I'm supposed to be doing French homework, so I decided to write a fic. Well, actually, the more correct version would be 'I was trying to do homework while listening to this song by Dido and was then attacked by plot bunnies who refused to go away before I wrote this'.

Harry: Plot bunnies?

Others: *shrug*

Ginny: She sounds kinda like Ron, never doing her homework.
*shakes head reprovingly*

Holmes: Wait, wait...she was listening to a song...that means this could be a...

Lestrade: Don't say it! Just pray that it isn't! Please don't say it!

Holmes: ...songfic.

Lestrade: *sigh*

I didn't want this to be a long story, but I needed a reason for Lestrade to be crypnotized, soooo she's been arrested for murder.

Lestrade: Oh, wonderful!

Ginny&Harry: Krip-tone-ized?!

Holmes&Lestrade: *explain*

Harry: Oh. Well. *pause* Well, look at it this way, at least, maybe, it's not mushy!

Ginny: Knock on wood!

*Oliver Wood appears*

Ginny: *knocks on his head*

Wood: Huh? *disappears*

I hope she's sweet
And so pretty
The second girl
That you'll see
Don't be lonely
There, without me

All: *groan* It's a song fic....

Ginny: I don't think knocking on Wood helped.

Lestrade: *opens another window on her wrist-com and starts writing*

Holmes: *reading over her shoulder*
'1.Mary C.
5. '

Lestrade: It's my 'To torture painfully and maybe eventually kill' list.

Others: Ah.


Harry: I sudenly feel even less safe....

"But I didn't do it! You know that! Please! Chief, let me out! Holmes! Watson! No, please, let me out, please! Please....." Lestrade cried out from the crypnotizing chair.

Lestrade: I do not BEG!

The named three shut their eyes and looked away.

It had been out of Greyson's hands. The people on top had come and taken her away. The only remorseful word they could say was that now they'd have to bother to find someone to replace her.

Ginny: Well!

Lestrade: *glower* Well, at least the bigwigs are in character.

Does it bother you now all the mess I made?
Does it bother you now all the clothes you told me not to wear?

'Isn't it funny that when I finally find the woman I'm looking for, she gets arrested for murder? You wouldn't have thought I loved her from how we always argued. I wonder if she ever figured it out? And why couldn't I help her, like I have so many others. Why?

Holmes: I have this sinking feeling that....

Lestrade: *interrupts by continuing reading*

Does it bother you now all the angry games we played?
Does it bother you now that I'm not here?

Harry: Actually, I'm rather glad you're gone. You were a horrible author.

The Irregulars had somehow managed to get in,

Holmes: Now that's just completely life-like.

Ginny: Do I sense sarcasm?

Holmes: No, not at all.

Lestrade: AHEM! Let's get this done as quickly as possible, please.

just in time to see the blue volts run into Lestrade's head.

Lestrade: Oh, fun. It's another one of those 'Let's torture Lestrade' writers.

Harry: I thought you wanted to get this done?

Now how do you feel?
How do you feel?
And it's too late
And it's too bad,
Don't think of me

Nothing was all anyone had to say. Quietly, someone could be heard crying. Maybe it was Deidre. Maybe it was Greyson.

Lestrade&Holmes: *raise sceptical eyebrow*

The guards let her out. She looked the same, but everyone knew she wasn't.

I'm supposed to be the world's greatest detective. Why didn't I do something? Because I couldn't. Why?

Holmes: I repeat, I have a sinking feeling that that's me talking.

Lestrade: I was hoping you wouldn't say that.

Harry: Brilliant deduction! *sarcastic*

Holmes: I was just stating a theory.... *looks rather put out*

Lestrade: Stating the obvious, you mean.

Ginny: Back to the story....

She smiled sweetly and asked what her name was.

Holmes: I don't think it's physically possible for Lestrade to smile sweetly without it looking sickening.

Lestrade: Hey! *mutters something that sounds like 'family heirloom'*

Holmes: *looks hurt*

Harry&Ginny: *knowing looks*

Ginny: It's all part of the denial stage....

Harry: *nods*

"Thia Mathews," was Greyson's answer.

She nodded cooperatively. "Okay. Where do I live?"

Holmes: Lestrade can't be cooperative either.

Lestrade: I'm sorry! Really. You know I didn't mean it.

Holmes: *purposefully ignores her*


"Okay. Can I go home now?"

"Of course. Constable Veran will take you to your plane."

"Okay." She followed the officer to the door, happily, but stopped before the blond man with sad eyes.

Holmes: Why on earth would I be sad?

Lestrade: *looks hurt*

Harry&Ginny: *look frustrated*

When you see her sweet smile, baby,
Don't think of me
When she lays in your warm arms
Don't think of me.

Ginny: *trying to lighten the mood* That's a rather redundant song.

Harry: *nod*

Holmes&Lestrade: *silent*

She smiled again, a shadow of her old grin. It brought so many memories rushing back. "What's your name?"

"Sherlock Holmes."

She didn't answer, but went through the door silently.

"What did I just do?" Greyson asked the air in front of him.

Lestrade: Hmm, would you like me to make a list?

You mean, what didn't I do. I could've, but why didn't I? Why didn't I help her? Now she'll live on another continent for the rest of her life.

Holmes: Good riddance.

Lestrade: I said I was sorry! Besides, you weren't being very nice yourself!

Holmes: *indignant sniff*

~She'll never remember any of us. Why?

Lestrade: Well, you're the world's greatest detective, you tell us.

Seventy years later, Thia Mathews, now Thia Duvont, lay sleeping on a hospital bed, having just come out of surgery.

Harry: What for?

Lestrade: The world may never know.

Ginny: Sur-jer-ee?

Others: *sigh and explain*

Ginny: Pleasant. *wrinkles nose*

She dreamt that she was an Inspector for New Scotland Yard and knew a man called Sherlock Holmes and a robot named Watson. Holmes said something about taking her home....

Lestrade: Hmph. Gag me with a pitchfork.

The doctors told her family she died suddenly and happily, in her sleep.

Lestrade: How could I die happily if I dreamt of that?

Holmes: *still ignoring her but looks suspiciously hurt*

Harry: *looks at Ginny* I believe, my dear Ginny, that this whole business
*pointed look* is going to be harder then we first thought.

Ginny: *nods yoda-like*

Lestrade&Holmes: *glare*

When you see her sweet smile, baby,
Don't think of me

Holmes: I don't see why I would.

Ginny: *despairing sigh*

When she lays in your warm arms
Don't think of me.

Holmes: I won't, don't worry.

Lestrade: Shut up, Holmes.

Now how do you feel?
How do you feel?

Harry: Bored and annoyed.

And it's too late
And it's too bad,
Don't think of me


All: Finally!

*expectant pause*

Ginny: *clears throat* Aren't we supposed to be sent back now?

*note (on a neon green sticky note) appears stuck to Holmes' forehead*

Holmes: *glare*

Lestrade: *reads before Holmes can rip it off* 'Not until Holmes and Lestrade work out their little problem. Besides, if you stay here, it saves the next MSTer time and energy.' Oh, fun. Well, it's not my fault, I apologized twice already. And he started it.

Holmes: How terribly mature of you, Inspector. *feel the sarcasm!*

*note vanishes with a 'hmph!'*

All: *raise eyebrow*

Ginny: *resigned sigh* Accio homework. *it materialises in front of her* Accio a deck of cards. *ditto* *looks very pleased with herself* Good, now I can use this time constructively. *passes cards to Harry* We could be here a while.

That's all, folks! ^_^

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