My Lovely MST

Part 6

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

FRODO: More torture! Will Mary be able to survive!

MARY: Of course she will, you dolt.

FRODO: I am not a dolt.

Holmes, Watson, Moriarty, and Lestrade were no longer bored. They had an outlet for their revenge now, one of the authors of those horrible fics. They were all chasing her around the room while Deidre and Wiggins placed bets on who would tire out first. Fenwick was still gloating over the fact that his master loved Lestrade.

Mary suddenly stopped, causing a chain reaction with everyone falling into everybody else. (Everyone who was running, of course.)

MARY: Now wait a minute! Since when do you four chase people around a room pointlessly?

LESTRADE: Since we've been pointlessly forced to read horrible fanfics!

DEIDRE: You know, I think she has a point. You've all kind of gone insane.

LESTRADE: (snorts) You wouldn't be talking like that if there were a fic out there about you, now would you? Same to you, Mary.

HOLMES: (remembers something that was said before) The mysterious voice said that you know him. Who is it?

MV: Now now, all shall be revealed in good time. Here is your next fic. I haven't read it yet, so...I don't think I'm going to hang around. Muahahahahahhahahahahahh!!!!!

MARY: (frowns) I wonder what his problem is

LESTRADE: Hey! We're still mad at you!


MARY: Watson, why are you angry with me?

WATSON: I do not guffaw!

MARY: Oookaaaaay Let's read.

>>True Luv by a concerned cousin and friend *evil grin*<<

FENWICK: Oh, boy. Anozer one of those "Yardie and Holmesie are in love" fics.


MORIARTY: (glowers)

MARY: (grins at Moriarty) Hey cheer up! It may be a Moriarty and Lestrade shippy fic.
(shudders suddenly) ewwww!!!!

>>Once upon a time, in a small town called Hobbiton<<

LESTRADE: Hey! This isn't about us! Wait, that's a good thing...

>>there lived a handsome yet fragile Hobbit. His name was Sherlock Holmes.

(Author's Note: Frodo told me to write about these characters... I hope I'm doing okay
~ Pippin)<<

MARY: (chokes with laughter) Oh my gosh! And here I thought I was bad about trying to find ways to tor-... er, fave characters.

LESTRADE: (sarcastically) Oh yippie! I can't wait for more.

WATSON: Really? I should be afraid, were I you, Lestrade

LESTRADE: What is it with you people and not getting sarcasm?

>>He was great friends with Sam Gamgee, Pippin Took (me!) and Merry Brandybuck. He would have been good friends with Frodo, but no, Frodo had to go off and leave us all just because of some wounds he received!!!<<

HOLMES: Hmm...I detect some anger there...

MORIARTY: Yes, he really should talk about it more....

MARY: Group Therapy!!!

>>Ahem...anyway, there was another Hobbit named....uh wait.<<

DEIDRE: (groans) Oh, man. I hate cliffhangers!

ALL: (give her odd looks)

>>No this didn't take place in Hobbiton.<<

LESTRADE: (sighs) I can tell this is going to be an interesting fic.

>>It um...took place in New London? Yeah. And they weren't Hobbits. No wait! It<<

LESTRADE: Jeesh! Can't this guy make up his mind?

HOLMES: It sounds as though he was listening to someone else while writing....

MORIARTY: Oh, please, Holmes, this is just another one of those terrible fics and there can be no amount of explanation.

>>Frodo, you write the stupid thing! I am entirely too confused! Look, Sherlock Holmes and somebody get married and live happily ever after. Moriarty and Someone named Inspector Lestrade get married and live happily ever after! There! The End!<<

HOLMES: You were saying, Moriarty?

MORIARTY: Oh, right.

LESTRADE: Wait!!!! It said that I got married to Moriarty and lived happily ever after!!! Don't either of you see anything wrong with that?

MARY AND DEIDRE: (giggling with each other over the magazine with the hot boys in it that suddenly appears out of nowhere)

WIGGINS: Do you two mind? I'm trying to listen to Lestrade go insane.

MARY: OOOH, here's one of Elijah Wood. He's cute, don't you think?

DEIDRE: I guess...If you like baby faces. I prefer Ben Affleck

MV: What is going on here? (reads the fic quickly and gasps)
Pippin!!! Well...fine, then. That's the end. No more bad fics.

The purple room is suddenly empty except for the invisible mysterious voice and Mary.

MARY: Take the Ring off, Frodo

FRODO: Aww, do I have to?
(takes the ring off and becomes visible again)
You always spoil my fun....

Well, that's it you guys..the last chapter of "My Lovely MST". Hope you enjoyed my weirdness.


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