My Lovely MST

Part 5

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Thanks to Cyber Dustbunny who allowed me to use this fic. I do apologize for cutting it short, though, it's too long to do the entire ficcie.

They were all sitting on the couches staring at each other. Lestrade had an imaginary friend named bluckalylluyonsdfl. Holmes was the only one besides her that could pronounce the name. Perhaps because he had made it up. They continued to stare when Tennyson and his hoverchair disappeared. In his place a girl suddenly appeared. She blinked and looked around.

ALL (except FENWICK): Mary!

LESTRADE: Mary you're here! How have you been! Meet my friend bluckalylluyonsdf. (gestures towards the air beside her)

MARY: What's going on here!?

MV: They are reading badfics and weirdfics and flufffics about them. And now you have to share in their fate.

MARY: (blinks again) Uh...who are you?

MV: I am someone you know.
(suddenly lets his voice get deeper)
And I'm not a girl, either. Muahahahahah

HOLMES: Very good! I did not even suspect it.

EVERYONE ELSE: (gives him an odd look)

LESTRADE: We're supposed to be against this guy, remember?

MV: Muahahahhh. Here's your next ficcie. Please do enjoy.

MARY: Frodo?

>>"He's made me love him ... " by Cyber Dustbunny<<

LESTRADE: Uh oh...bluckalylluyonsdfl, you might not want to read this.

>>I can't help but try to think of words to describe Sherlock.<<

MORIARTY: Oh yes, just what we all love to do. Sit around and think of words to describe Holmes.

WATSON: What's wrong with that?

ALL (except MARY): (give him odd looks)

MARY: (still confused) This isn't a's very good, actually.

LESTRADE: (glares at her) And just how would you know?

MARY: (not listening) Why am I here? This isn't torture for me..

>>Oh, I can call him by his name in my own thoughts, it doesn't hurt anyone, including himself.<<

HOLMES: What does that have to do with anything?

LESTRADE: Who knows. (shudders suddenly)
What's...Moriarty who's thinking of you?

HOLMES: (shudders as well) Perish the thought!

FENWICK: (just now realizing there's somebody else in the room)
Hey! Who are you?

MORIARTY: An annoying little girl who doesn't know how to mind her own business

MARY: (grins) You're just mad because I made you admit you were in love with Lestrade

MORIARTY: (flushes)

FENWICK: You do?

MORIARTY: (growls and Fenwick cowers back)

MARY: Oh well, I'll just enjoy myself at your expense while I'm here.

>>But then again, the whole "I can't call you by your first name because it would look like we are on sentimental terms" rule was something he's already broken.<<

WATSON: Now that sounds like something Holmes would do

HOLMES: Watson! How dare you! Everything these authors say about me is untrue, do you hear me, untrue!

MARY: Holmes! Snap out of it! Or...I'll start another game of Truth or Dare....

ALL (except FENWICK): NO!

FENWICK: (looks confused)

MARY: (grins) Yes. AAAANd the alternative would be ba bum...kiss Fenwick!!!!!

MV: Truth or Dare, Mary? Oh and we play by my rules: you, my dear, have to choose Dare.

MARY: Uh..let's go back to reading, 'kay?

>>Didn't he call me Beth when he was talking to Watson? He did, so that would mean he's.... Argh, off topic, but it always happens when I think of my friend. Blonde; well, that's a start to describing him. That unruly blonde hair that makes him look like he just fell out of bed.<<

MORIARTY: Lestrade! I'm surprised at you! Thinking about things like that. How would you know what Holmes looks like just getting out of bed?

LESTRADE: (blushes and glares at Moriarty) I don't. This is just fiction. Meaning not real. What's that, bluckalylluyonsdfl? Yes, he is mean, isn't he?

>>"Oh damn you, Holmes!" I cry out loud, suprising not only him but myself.<<

HOLMES: What did I do?

>>"What did I do?" He asks me with one of those, searching, inescapable stares.<<

MORIARTY:...that come free with your Happy Meal for a limited time only

MARY: (giggles) Copyright: Sherlock Holmes Incorporated....

HOLMES: (gives one of those searching, inescapable stares of his)

MARY AND MORIARTY: (burst out laughing)

MV: (to himself) Ah yes. She is on top of things now. But wait until they find out that she wrote one of those fics....

>>I look out the window. "Nothing," I mutter. "Nothing at all."<<

LESTRADE: That's right. Nothing at all. Now the end. Right?

MARY: Oh no, most likely wrong.

>>I smile quickly. I know what he has done, actually. He's made me love him . . . .
The End<<

LESTRADE: (groans) Oh why oh why do they keep doing this? I just don't understand!

MARY: (shrugs) Who knows.

MV: Oh, Mary here knows. Don't you, my dear?

ALL: (look at Mary)

LESTRADE: Well, tell us

MV: She's written them before, you know.

All: What!?

Holmes: I do not believe you

MV: Well, Mary Christmas, what do you have to say for yourself, hmmm?

HOLMES: (whirls on Mary) You! You're the one who wrote that... that piece of nonsense about...the instrument!?

MARY: (backs away glaring around the room) That was something silly I made up to get over my boredom. It wasn't supposed to be read by anyone! It wasn't as good as my others....

LESTRADE: You've written more?

ALL: (start stalking towards Mary)

MV: Muahahahhahahahha. That is what you get for calling me a dolt. muahahahahahahahahahhahah!!!

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