My Lovely MST

Part 3

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

I'm not insane, nope. Oh and before I forget...if you want to write a strange or really bad fic (nothing over PG, though) to entertain these guys with, please send it to me at unicorn_76010 at

Everyone was bored to tears. They could almost wish the Mysterious Voice would come back. Moriarty and Holmes had given up their staring contest, but that was only because Moriarty would suddenly burst out laughing after a few moments. Lestrade was sitting on her favorite couch and watching everyone, trying not to fall asleep. The chessboard had disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared, so now the others didn't have anything to do, either. Which was just what the Mysterious Voice wanted....

MV: (to herself)Ah...soon they will be completely in my control... muahahahaha
(out loud) Okay, my friends, here's your next ficcie...enjoy!

ALL: (groan)

WATSON: Well, it could be better than the last....

HOLMES: Somehow I rather doubt that.

>>Once Up On A Thyme by Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!<<

LESTRADE: (sarcastically) Gee do you think there's enough e's and exclamation points there?

>>Once Up On A Thyme, their was a little boy. He lived inn an in<<

ALL: .....

>>He had to brothers. There names where Jack and Jill.<<

MORIARTY: I thought these were supposed to be about us?

>>What was the boy's name? It was Martin Fenwick. They all lived in the same house. Are hero was a scientist<<

MORIARTY: Oh, I really should learn to keep my mouth shut, hadn't I?

FENWICK: I'm a hero!?

LESTRADE: Oh great, that's just lovely. I think I'm going to go puke now...

MORIARTY: If he's the hero then who's the villain?

>>Won day, they're was a big tournament called a science fair. Marty was going up against the evil Moriarty<<

MORIARTY: Oh..I should have known.

HOLMES: This author really should learn about homonyms....

OTHERS: (give him odd looks)

LESTRADE: Hey! I'm the one you're supposed to give odd looks too! Uh...did I just say that?

>>Sew, Marty went too Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective ever. He said, "Your a grate detective mister Holmes, wood ewe help me?"

FENWICK: What! I would never go to Holmes for help! I... I would go to Greyson first!

HOLMES: That's good to know...

>>Holmes sneered down at him. I don't no who you our butt do you so pants?<<

HOLMES: (shudders) Can we please get this over with?

LESTRADE: Hush! If you talk like that it might go on forever!

>>Marty frowned and shook his ugly head. "Know, I do knot sew pants! I knead you to help me defeat Moriarty!<<

MORIARTY: I'm not even going to comment on this one...

>>Then Holmes woke up from his bad dream and went inn two the kitchen. Thee End<<

ALL: (give a sigh of relief)

WATSON: See, that wasn't that bad

WIGGINS: Uh, Watson, meaning no disrespect, but what do you mean that wasn't that bad?

DEIDRE: Yeah, I've got a headache just trying to figure out what this author is trying to say!

MV: Well, my lovelies? Enjoying yourselves? Good. I'm going to get your next fic. It may be a while, have fun while I'm gone. Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Okay, yes I know that was just...pointless...but that's the point of this fic, don't you know.


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