My Lovely MST

Part 2

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

*evil grin* another part...

As everyone's timepieces had been disabled, no one knew how much time had passed. Moriarty and Holmes had started their staring contest again, and had not looked away from each other since the mysterious voice had 'left'. Lestrade was lying on one of the couches with her feet in the air and her head on the ground, singing some song. Watson and Tennyson were playing a game of chess (the board had appeared from out of nowhere) while Deidre, Wiggins and Fenwick looked on.

MV: Miss me?

ALL: No!

(However, they all stop what they are doing and sit on the couches in the correct way)

MV: Aww. Oh well, here's your next fic. Enjoy. It's one of my favorites.

Once again writing appeared in the middle of the room.

>>The Adventure of the Mechanical Monster-by Mary Christmas<<

HOLMES: At least we can understand the title...

LESTRADE: (snorts) Yah, well, hopefully this one will be better than the last...

>>Sherlock Holmes sat quietly contemplating his opponent:<<

MORIARTY: (groans) Let me guess. Moriarty, who is also his rival for the affections of Inspector Lestrade.

>>The keyboard thingie.<<

ALL: ....

HOLMES: The keyboard thingie? Now there's a plot twist for you

LESTRADE: Oh, I don't know, Holmes, you were pretty annoyed with the thing when you first got it....


>>It defied every attempt at playing it.<<

MORIARTY: Really, Holmes. And here I thought you were rather musically inclined

WATSON: Oh, he is. This is most likely an exaggeration made by the author.

HOLMES: (indignantly) Most likely! Watson, you act as though this has some basis in fact

WATSON: (blushes) Oh, sorry Holmes

>>"Oh very well," Holmes said dismissively, "You win. For now. But make no mistake, I will be back and you shall not defy me!"<<

MORIARTY: (rolling on the floor with laughter)

HOLMES: Really, Moriarty. And here I thought you had dignity

MORIARTY: (still laughing) Dignity must be thrown out the window with such choice news as that. I had no idea you spoke with inanimate objects

FENWICK: But master! What about the compudroid?

WATSON: I say!

WIGGINS: Uh...this is all very interesting but could we get back to reading? I want to hurry and finish so we can get back to the game. I get to play winner

>>"I say, Holmes, who are you talking to?" asked his faithful robotic friend, Watson.<<

FENWICK: Also known as ze dog

WATSON: (angrily) I resemble that remark!

LESTRADE: Uh, Watson? Don't you mean "resent" that remark?

WATSON: (blushing - he does that a lot, doesn't he?) Oh, yes, of course.

>>Holmes smiled wryly. "This zedding contraption. If I didn't know better I'd say Lestrade programmed it to be difficult."<<

LESTRADE: Oh, yeah, blame everything on me!

OTHERS: (give her odd looks)

LESTRADE: Okay, why do you keep giving me odd looks?

FENWICK: Because you are the one we are supposed to give odd looks to.

LESTRADE: (stands up and stalks over towards Fenwick)

>>Watson guffawed.<<

WATSON: (indignantly) I do not guffaw! Really! The nerve!
(guffaws at the look on Fenwick's face as Lestrade punches him)

Lestrade: (whistling innocently, walks over and sits beside Watson)

>>Holmes sighed and reached for the instrument again. After a few wrong notes, he finally got it.<<

HOLMES: ....All that nonsense, and all that was needed was to get a few notes?

MORIARTY: You always did overreact, Holmes.

>>The song he had been trying to play ever since he had learned what tomorrow was.<<

HOLMES: Ah, and now it seems to make sense.

(sees Holmes open his mouth to explain)
Never mind, I can figure it out for myself.

MORIARTY: I highly doubt that, but believe as you wish.

>>The song was "Happy Birthday"<<

ALL: (groan)

HOLMES: I spoke too soon....

>>because tomorrow was Lestrade's 24th birthday.<<

MORIARTY: (imitating Lestrade's voice exactly) A birthday song? Just for me? Oh, Holmes, you shouldn't have!

HOLMES: (sarcastically) Yes, and it only took me five years to learn it!

LESTRADE: Okaaaay. That was just a little bit scary....

>>And so ends another chapter in the life of Sherlock Holmes<<

All: Yay!!!!!

MV: Well! I am certainly glad you enjoyed yourselves. Muahahahahahaha...oh wait. Mental note--Evil laugh after I finish speaking. I'm off to get your next fic. Tootles.

*grin* Well? Didya like it, huhhuhhuh?

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