Moriarty's Appearance in the 22nd Century

Moriarty Cruise

Obviously Moriarty doesn't look much like the standard portrayal of him. He's not gaunt. He's not stooped. Most noticeably, he's not old.

What's the deal?

Clearly, Mr. Paget's famous illustration in the Strand Magazine is not the only way Moriarty can be portrayed. Reading Watson's description of Moriarty, which is derived from Holmes' telling, we see that Moriarty is not necessarily old. And indeed, in FALL, Moriarty's old man appearance is explained as being merely another of his disguises. This has the side effect of making the Holmes-Moriarty fight seem a bit more equal. (Although old age and treachery are a formidable combination.)

So here is the new Moriarty -- buff, barrel-chested, rested and ready. His clothes are a mixture of the old and the new, and his ionizer is always ready to hand. But if you think this new Moriarty is more about brawn than brains...well, maybe that's what he wants you to think.

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