A Trip to New London

Part 3

by Stacey (SST205 at aol.com)

Kimberly and Billy walked along the street of the place they found themselves in, Kimberly chuckling at her husband's boyish curiosity about everything he saw. She noted that, as other people passed them, they shot odd looks in Billy's direction. He didn't seem to notice, but it made her a little uncomfortable.

She was about to make a comment to him about it when he stopped on a street corner and looked upward. "Oh--Kim, look!"

Kimberly looked up. There was a street sign there, and the name on the one facing her was: Baker Street.

"Baker Street?" she said curiously. "Isn't that from---?"

"The Sherlock Holmes stories, yes," her husband interjected. "Oh, Kim, let's go down it."

"Sure, honey," Kimberly said, shaking her head. She wasn't about to deny him, after all.

"The way I understand it, 221 Baker Street wasn't even a residential building," Billy said, looking straight ahead. "When the building was knocked down, they actually sold the bricks at auction. One man left a hole in his fireplace just for the 221 brick. I'd like to know how he could tell it from the others...."

He stopped. Kimberly looked at the building at which her husband was staring. It was an old-looking ironfront, two stories high, most of the windows dark. One window, however, had a light behind it -- up on the second floor.

"That--that's not possible." Billy stammered. "It-it--"

"You said that's a time/dimension thingy, right?" Kimberly said, glancing at Billy's breast pocket. "You don't think...."

She trailed off. She really didn't know what to think.

Her husband stared up at the window behind which a light shone. Kimberly looked at the reflection of it in her husband's glasses a moment, then glanced up at the window too. After a moment, she could swear she saw a shadow move behind the drawn curtain.

"No way...." she murmured.

Her husband squeezed her hand. "Oh, Kim--please--can we--?"

Kimberly was still shocked by what she'd seen. "Uh--s--sure, Billy. Let--let's go."

Billy gripped her hand, and out of habit looked both ways before stepping off the curb. Feeling a little nervous, Kimberly followed. They were halfway across the street when an odd noise came to Kimberly's ears. Before she could identify it, a flying car like they had seen earlier landed right in front of them.

"Hey, watch where you're--" was all Billy could get out before a man half again his height and possibly twice his weight stepped out of one of the cars' back doors. He grabbed Billy's arm in one of his huge hands and said, "You'll have to come with me, sir."

Billy tried to pull his arm away, but was unsuccessful. "Hey, what are you--let go!" he cried as the man began to pull him toward the car.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing!?" Kimberly demanded, lunging forward. As if swatting a fly, the behemoth that had a hold of her husband shoved her away with his free hand. Kimberly fell back, banging her head on the curb. Turning her head slightly, she looked up through the car window at its driver--the odd bulbous-eyed man she and Billy had run into before.

"Kimmy!" she heard her husband call, but she was stunned. She heard a car door slam, and saw the vehicle speed off into the sky. Afterward, she blacked out.

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