Part 8

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Before Tom could respond, Deidre gasped. He looked over to where they were at and frowned. "Where's Beth?"

Kristen and the boys had their mouths open, unable to speak.

Deidre said, "She...she...she just...disappeared.."

Her voice trailed off when Beth appeared behind Holmes. Everyone turned to look at her.

"What just happened?" Tom asked her.

She frowned, her eyes focused on some faraway place. "I... I...don't...know," she whispered vaguely, "One minute I...I was wishing...I ...wishing..I could hear what you and...Holmes...and"

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she passed out. It was only Holmes' quick reflexes that kept her from falling to the floor. He gently carried her to the couch, where Watson scanned her.

" odd," the robot said when he had finished.

"What!?" five voices cried out, while Tennyson made a questioning sound on his keyboard.

"Well, there is a strange substance in her bloodstream. I have never encountered it before. Whatever it is, it seems to have triggered something in the right frontal lobe of her brain. That is how she... er... teleported."

Everyone was silent as the implications of this set in.

It was Holmes who broke the silence by asking, "Are the effects permanent?"

"Oh no, judging by the amount, though I cannot really be sure, it should dissipate within a couple of days. It has already been in her system for several hours now. In fact, I believe that it took that long for the substance to react with her brain. Once again I cannot be sure."

"Why did she faint?" Wiggins questioned.

Tennyson made a few noises on the keyboard, and Watson nodded. "Yes, it was a traumatic experience. The brain simply shut her consciousness off so that it could recover."

"How did it get into her system?" Tom asked angrily. When he found out who had done this, they were going to pay.

"It appears to have originated on the third finger on her right hand."

Holmes quickly grabbed Beth's hand. Tom started to protest when Holmes took the ring off her finger and began examining it, but stopped.

"Watson, scan this," Holmes demanded.

Watson complied, then looked at Holmes in surprise. "It has large traces of the substance, and a ring of small needles lining the inside."

Holmes nodded in satisfaction. "They must have been triggered when she put the ring on."

"How?" Tom asked, "She put that ring on when she was thirteen and nothing happened."

"Ah, but then her fingers were much smaller at that age, then, were they not? The ring would have fit this same finger, without triggering the needles. Whoever designed this, was a clever person. They must have known that Lestrade would be getting the ring at that age...."

"....And since it wouldn't have fit at that age, she most likely wouldn't put it on later," Deidre finished.

"Excellent, Deidre!" Holmes exclaimed. He turned to Tom. "I believe I have an idea of what those two burglars were after."

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