Part 6

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Lestrade groaned in frustration. So far all she had gotten to do on this case was watch as Holmes went over the room and jewelry box, several times.

At one point, he asked, "Do you have any enemies, Miss Johnson?"

Kristen looked startled.

"Kris is way too sweet a person to have any enemies, Holmes," Lestrade said, letting her frustration show.

"Mmmm," was his only reply. He went back over to the door and began to study it again. The three kids were watching him as well, looks of fascination on their faces.

It was eight o'clock the next morning, when Holmes finally said, "Okay, Lestrade. I have finished searching for clues. Besides the most obvious one of the missing necklace, I can find nothing else. Please check for DNA."

"How is the missing necklace a clue?" Lestrade grumbled as she pulled out her scanner.

Holmes merely smiled irritatingly. She hated it when he did that, and she suspected that was one of the reasons he did it.

The doorway, jewelry box and room all had the same DNA patterns. Hers, Holmes', Deidre's, Wiggins, Tennyson's, Kristen's, and...

"No," she whispered in disbelief, "It..It can't be."

"What, Lestrade?"

She turned to Kristen angrily. "I don't know what kind of sick game you're playing here but..." She stopped at Holmes' warning look.

"Whose DNA, Lestrade?"

"My brother's, but..."

"Then perhaps we should all go and pay a visit to your brother," Holmes said, that familiar sparkle in his eyes.

"You suspected him all along, didn't you?" Lestrade asked.

Holmes ignored her and led the way to the police cruiser.

When they arrived at Tom's house, the whole place was darkened.

"Wait here," Holmes commanded Lestrade. "It would be better if Miss Johnson, the Irregulars and I confronted him. He might not tell the truth in order to protect you."

She grumbled, but knew he was right. So they left the cruiser and walked to the front door. She watched as Holmes knocked. The door opened and the five were admitted.

After an hour had passed, she decided that she had had enough waiting and walked inside. The entry hall was dark, which was unusual. Frowning, she moved through the dining room, which was also dark, and into the living room.

"Surprise!!!" several people yelled, as the lights suddenly came on.

Looking around, Lestrade could see that every inch of the room was decorated festively. The seven people who had yelled were all grinning widely, and she felt tears come to her eyes. "I...I...I'm speechless."

"Now there's a first," Deidre said cheekily.

Lestrade grinned at the girl, then at Tom. "This was all your idea, wasn't it?"

"Actually, Mr. Holmes is the one who came up with the plan to get you here without blowing the surprise. I just thought of the party itself."

Lestrade smiled and looked at Kris. "How did Holmes know about you?"

"He didn't," Kris said shaking her head, "I'm Deidre's mom."

Lestrade's head whipped back towards her brother. He smiled at her and nodded, indicating that he had already been told.

"Explanations can wait until later," Tom said. "Let's get this party started!"

After they began, Lestrade noticed her brother pulling Holmes off to the side. Both men had serious expressions.

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