Part 5

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Tom grinned as he and Watson put the finishing touches on the inside. It was decorated so that when the lights were out it would look just like the entry hall, dining room and living room.

He was in a dilemma. They were done quite a bit earlier than Tom had anticipated; probably because he had help. He couldn't signal Holmes yet; there hadn't been enough time to contact Beth and set her onto the case.

"Well," Tom said, "I guess we should find something to do until morning. That should give Mr. Holmes enough time to get my sister involved with his plan."

The vidphone chimed. "Have Watson send me some of your DNA, Mr. Lestrade," Holmes said when Tom answered.

"Huh? But won't she...."

"She won't find it until you give me the signal; I'll make sure of that," Holmes interrupted.

"Okay." He did as Holmes asked, and the latter signed off.

"Do you want to play checkers, Watson?" Tom asked, "In the dark?"

"I suppose so," the compudroid answered, "It is something to pass the time, anyhow."

Tom grinned again.

In the middle of their third game, Tom heard a crash come from the direction of his bedroom. He stood to go investigate, but was stopped by Watson.

"It hain't 'ere, 'arvey," a male voice said. "Ah looked ever'where."

"Well, then look again, Rick," another male voice answered. "We got to find it, or the Boss'll be angry."

"Ah a'ready looked twice. 'ow many times do we gotta do this?"

"Fine, we're leaving. But you get to tell him we failed."

"Ah don' care. We don' even get ta take anythin'."

Tom heard the door slam shut. He frowned. How had those two not noticed him and Watson? Unless they had come during the checker matches.

"What on earth could they have been after?" Watson asked.

Tom frowned and thought. After a few minutes he shook his head. "I don't know, but whatever it was must have been pretty important."

"Perhaps you should call Holmes and...."

"NO!!" Tom yelled, then apologized, "Sorry, Watson, but I'm not going to let anything ruin my sister's birthday."

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