Part 2

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"Watson, you're going to go with Mr. Lestrade to help the setting up. You are the best of companions, but I am afraid you may give the surprise away. No hard feelings, I hope?"

At Watson's nod, he continued, "As for the rest of us, we are going to have a case for the dear Inspector to solve."

"And the solution's going to be at Mr. Lestrade's house, right, Mr. Holmes?" Wiggins put in.

"Exactly, and the case is going to be some missing jewelry. Deidre, would your mother be willing to help us out? We need someone to be a client, and it cannot be anyone she connects with us."

"Sure, Mr. Holmes," the girl replied, "I'll call her right now." She stood up to do just that. A few minutes later she said, "Mom wants to know when you'd like her to be here."

"Tell her as soon as she can, we need to work out the details. The party is not until tomorrow, but we must have everything ironed out or Lestrade will be on to us.

"Now, Mr. Lestrade," Holmes said handing him a strange-looking device, "I want you to signal me with this, when you have finished. Until you do, we must keep your sister from finding the clue that will lead her to your house."

Tom nodded. "If that is all, Mr. Holmes, I think Watson and I should be going so we can get started."

"Very well," Holmes said, "We can do nothing more on this end until Mrs. Harris gets here."

The name Harris sounded familiar to Tom, but he couldn't quite remember where he had heard it. He shook it off and rose to leave.

"Thank you, Mr. Holmes," Tom said, "And you three as well." Then he and Watson left.

"This means a lot to you," Watson said as they took off in Tom's hovercar.

"Yeah, I forgot her last three birthdays," Tom replied, "And she's going to think I forgot this one too. Although that does help our cause."

He stopped and sighed. "She deserves so much better than what I've been able to give her, love-wise, that is. I wish...." He trailed off.

"You wish what?" Watson asked.

Tom thought for a moment before replying, "I wish my parents hadn't died when they did. They probably wouldn't have made the mistakes I made."

The robot shook his head. "Everyone makes mistakes, especially concerning those closest to them. It is human nature."

Tom looked over at the compudroid and smiled. "Thank you, Watson," he said.

They rode the rest of the way in silence.

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