Part 13

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"So, that was how they knew about the ring!" Lestrade exclaimed.

Fielding looked at her oddly. "What ring?"

Lestrade ignored her and continued on excitedly, "Nick Harris was my parents' main competitor. He must have tracked mom down and..." She stopped. "But it doesn't explain why Moriarty waited until 'now' to do anything about it."

Holmes smiled grimly, "I have an idea about that, but we must get back to New London. I have a feeling the others are in danger."

When they reached Tom's house, Lestrade saw that the door had been busted open. She jumped out of the cruiser, and would have rushed into the house had Holmes not stopped her.

"We do not know what is in there, or whether or not this is a trap...."

"You got that right, Holmesie." Fenwick's voice came from behind them. "Now walk slowly into the house, and no tricks."

Inside, Moriarty greeted them. "Ah, Holmes. Inspector. So glad you could make it to my little party." He chuckled. "Please have a seat." He indicated the two chairs not occupied.

Lestrade glared at him, but sat down when Holmes did.

"So tell me, Moriarty," Holmes began, "When did you find out Fenwick was hiding something from you?"

Moriarty's pleasant smile turned into a grimace. "That doesn't matter. What does, is that I now know about the T-222, and where it was hidden." He turned to Lestrade. "Hand over the ring, my dear."

"I am not your dear. And I don't have the ring. I threw it away after my parents died. It reminded me of them too much."

"Suit yourself. Harvey, Rick..." The two burly men raised their weapons and pointed them at Tom and Kris.

"All right!" Holmes said. They all looked at him. "I have the ring, and have had it ever since I noticed the tiny needles on it."

Moriarty smiled. "Hand it over, then."

Holmes hesitated, and the two men tightened the triggers slightly. He threw the ring to Moriarty.

Moriarty said, "Thank you, Holmes. Until we meet again. Which may be sooner than you think." He laughed as smoke filled the room. When it had cleared, he and his henchmen had gone.

Tom glared at Holmes. "How could you have given that...that monster the ring? If he finds the...." He broke off as Lestrade laughed.

"I still have the original ring, Big Bro," she said, holding it up. "Holmes made a duplicate just in case. The only thing Moriarty's going to find in that ring is sugarwater." She laughed again at the look on her brother's face. "I guess you're not as used to his dramatics as I am."

"Well, anyway, I guess we should start cleaning up," Tom said, still shaken up. "By the way, what did you guys find out from Fielding?"


When they had finished, Tom asked, "How did you know Fenwick hadn't told Moriarty about the ring until recently?"

"It was just like you said. If Moriarty had known about it before, why didn't he go after it, when it would have been easier to take? The answer is, he didn't. Fenwick was afraid to tell him, because at that time he must have just cloned Moriarty and still had a tentative control over the clone."

"But how did Fenwick know about the ring and that it was in the Lestrade family?" Deidre asked.

"Fenwick must have kept in contact with Harris and found out that your mother hid the drug in the ring."

"Why didn't Harris get the ring from us himself?" Tom asked.

"When Harris murdered your parents, he realized that your mother had given the ring to your sister for her birthday. At first, he didn't do anything about it. After all, he had plenty of time."

"Then two years later, we moved to New London and his time was up," Lestrade said.

"And he married me, so that he could keep in touch with you," Kris said softly. "But I guess he didn't count on the fact that I was too ashamed to call Tom after I was married."

"Oh, Kristen," Tom said, "that was in the past. Don't worry about it."

"Th...then you still want to marry me?"

"Of course I do! I love you, Kristen, and I'm not going to let you get away again."

"Uhhh...did I miss something?" Lestrade asked.

"They're getting married," Deidre said excitedly, as Tom and Kristen smiled sheepishly.

"Well, it's about time! I thought you two were never going to tie the knot."

Tom laughed. "Let me guess, you knew we were meant for each other from the start."

Lestrade nodded decisively. "Of course I did. She was the only girl you ever dated that didn't run screaming in terror when she met me." Everyone laughed.


Lestrade sighed as she sat staring at the walls of her living room. This year was the best birthday she had ever had, and she knew that those memories would never return to haunt her.

The End

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