Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

He wouldn't leave me alone...and I'm going through a bit of insomnia, so....

Lestrade moved through the dark corridors of the building. She had received a tip from a reliable source that a certain master criminal could be found here. She ignored the small voice in the back of her mind telling her that this was all too easy, that Moriarty would not let himself be caught unawares like this. There was a first time for everything, and she was too impatient to wait for anyone else.

At a sound coming from her left, she whirled around, ionizer in hand and pointing at the spot. A door, which had previously not been there, now stood open. This time she heeded the cautionary voice in her head, and slowly backed up, getting ready to turn and make a run for the entrance if necessary. With her eyes on the door, she didn't see the man she backed into until he had her arms gripped tightly to her sides.

"Inspector Lestrade," a familiar voice drawled menacingly. "Always meddling in business better left to those with...higher brainpower."

"Moriarty," she gritted out between clenched teeth, "you're under arrest."

She felt the rumble of his chest as he laughed. "And just how were you going to make that arrest, my dear?" Before she could react, he exchanged his arms for an energy rope.

"You won't get away with this," she told him, though it was of course an empty sentiment. For now there was nothing she could do, and Holmes was out of the country.

"Get away with what?" the annoying man queried.

"You know what..."

Moriarty jerked her around to face him. "There are quite a few things that you do not know, nor cannot understand, miss Lestrade. And Sherlock Holmes refused to see them, even with his intellect. I certainly do not expect one with a lower IQ to understand." His ice blue eyes bored into hers, and she fought not to look away from him.

"Whatever, you're just a criminal, like all the rest. Even if you do like the dramatics." Her own eyes flashed defiance as she spoke.

Moriarty stared at her a few minutes more, before turning her back around and forcing her to walk a few paces before coming to the open door. He pushed her inside, and the door closed, locking. She turned around quickly, and kicked ineffectively at it, before the energy rope faded. Then she used hands and feet.

After a while, she tired of this, and she faced her cell. To her surprise, it was very nice and well-furnished. A full-sized bed with a canopy dominated the room, but did not take away from the feeling that the room was large. A nightstand stood on either side of the bed at its head, and each had a porcelain lamp. There were two green armchairs sitting in front of a large fireplace.

Giving a soft sigh, she sat on the bed and shook her head. This was perhaps the worst situation she had ever been in. How could she have been stupid enough to get caught by Moriarty? Weariness overtook her, and she decided it would probably be best if she got some sleep. She lay back on the bed and fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Okay, anyone want me to continue? I'm a bit tired...so it probably didn't come off too well....

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