Part 4

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Lestrade knocked on the front door to Evan Newman's mansion.

While they waited, she looked over at Holmes. He had black hair, a mustache, and grey eyes. He was wearing a dark grey polo shirt, and blue jeans. He looked...great.

She looked down at herself. She was wearing a light blue cashmere sweater, with a matching skirt.

Just then the door opened. "Yes?" said Jarvins, the butler, "Oh, Miss Lestrade, please come on in. Mr. Newman is expecting you."

"Thank you, Jarvins," Lestrade said, choosing to ignore the 'miss'. Jarvins had known her since she was fifteen, and he wasn't the type to change his ways. She linked her arms through Holmes' and walked in the door.

"Oh, this is Jeffrey Baker, by the way," she told Jarvins as she passed. The butler nodded in Holmes' direction as he shut the door.

"This way, Miss Lestrade," Jarvins said as he swept past them, "Mr. Newman is waiting for you in the library."

Inside the library, Newman was pacing back and forth, a worried expression on his face. He had the classical handsome face, with pale blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Most women fell head over heels trying to get his attention.

Not this woman, she thought to herself. Maybe it was because she had known him since she was fifteen, but he just didn't appeal to her. She preferred blue eyes and a prominent nose. Now where had that thought come from?

She quickly shook her head and cleared her throat. "Evan, it's so good to see you again."

Newman frowned, looking confused. Honestly, how he came to be such an excellent business man was beyond her. He had absolutely no imagination.

"We haven't seen each other in forever. Remember?" She spoke slowly, as if to a child.

His expression cleared. "Ah yes. It has been a long time. So what brings you here now, Beth?" He looked over at Holmes and said, "But first introduce me to your friend." Ah, 'now' he was getting the hang of things.

"Actually, that's what I'm here for. This is Jeffrey Baker, my fiance," she said, "And I was hoping you would help us plan our wedding."

Newman smiled. "It is nice to meet you, Mr. Baker. Congratulations. I can tell you not a few people will be disappointed that you've stolen Beth's heart." Okay, now that was laying it on a little too thick, she thought.

Newman continued, "Of course I will help you out. I think of you as family, and since Tom isn't here..." His voice trailed off as he beamed at the two of them.

"Thanks, Mr. Newman," Holmes said in Baker's American accent, "I'm sure I speak for Beth when I say that we both appreciate this." He smiled and looked at her, an infatuated look on his face. She copied it and nodded.

Newman cleared his throat after a while, and Lestrade realized that she had been staring at Holmes for longer than she had intended.

"Well," she said, her face reddening, "I guess we better go. Call me when you want to go over the plans with us."

"All right, Beth."

"Let's go, Jeff darling," Lestrade said. She and Holmes rose to leave, and as they did, Holmes handed a piece of paper to Newman. She knew that it contained instructions on how to look for 'bugs', so that the next time they met they could talk without fear of being overheard.

Once they got back into Holmes' hovercoach, Lestrade asked, "So where to now?"

"We need to go somewhere where we can be 'seen'. To get Newman's peers used to us being together."

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