Part 3

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

It was a pleasant touch, those lips on hers, and Lestrade smiled in her half-conscious state. She did wonder why he would be doing that -- he had never seemed to show any sort of attraction for her. Still, she wasn't about to protest; not when this was what she had been hoping for in her dreams...she'd never admit it when she was wide awake and in control of herself.

"Holmes," she murmured softly.

The pressure on her lips abruptly ceased, and she opened her eyes in confusion. Then memory and realization overtook her. Tony, not Holmes was standing over her, a dangerous look in his eyes. She involuntarily shuddered, remembering the last time she had encountered that look.

She pushed aside the fear though, and allowed righteous indignation -- okay, anger -- to take the lead.

"Just like you to take advantage of a girl while she's down, Tony," she hissed, venom dripping with every word. "But then, that's the only way any of them would get anywhere near you, once they get to know the real you."

The man's eyes narrowed; the odd darkness of them and the tense muscles in his body making him look like some predatory animal getting ready to attack. Then, all of a sudden, his face was replaced -- as he dropped to the floor -- by that of a man with a wild, curly black beard and intense grey eyes. It was the same man who had been in that room.

"Such a man could never be called a gentleman, even if such a species existed amongst the Homo sapiens. Now come, we do not have much time if we are to make our get-away." The man extended his hand and she accepted his help in standing up.

Taking a quick look around, Lestrade realized that they were on some sort of hoverlorry, and judging by the sounds, it was definitely in the air. "How exactly are we going to get away?"

"Ape-folk? Maple White Land? Holmes, you've gone daft." Grayson scowled at the detective for a moment, before the last bit of what was said settled in. "Lestrade's been abducted too? Lovely, simply lovely. What next?"

Eh...well, couldn't think of any more to write...so..come on, peoples...we're counting on you. That's right, you. It's a community round robin, so let's get everybody involved...come on....

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