The Case of the Lost Saiyan

Part 3

by Joanne (wildwolf24 at

Boy, this is weird. One minute I am fighting Vegeta, the next minute I am in this weird city, thought Goku. People kept giving him odd looks as he walked down the street.

I wish people would stop staring at me. You think that they never seen a fighter before! Goku kept on walking and he soon ended up in a large parking lot. I wonder how I am supposed to get home? he thought.

He suddenly heard a loud alarm. It was coming from a bank and he saw three crooks run to their car.

I may not be from this dimension, but I doubt that's legal!

As the car started to drive away, Goku stepped in front of it, forcing it to stop. "Hey, you idiot, get out of the way!" shouted the driver.

"Not until you return that money you stole," Goku replied

The man got out of the car. The man was huge and he had big muscles. "Look, pal, I am telling you one more time. Get out of our way or else!"


"You asked for it!" The crook went to punch Goku's face, but Goku easily blocked it with his hand. The crook tried to punch him again, but Goku once again blocked it.

"Now it's my turn," said Goku. He gave the crook one hard punch in the face and it sent the crook flying straight into a wall. "Sorry about that," said Goku. "But you left me no choice."

"ALRIGHT, EVERYBODY FREEZE!!" yelled a young female police officer. "I am Inspector Lestrade and you're all under arrest!"

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