Random Fun-ness

Part 2

by Liz de Jong (corellian_whiskey at hotmail.com)

Alrighty, so it's late at night and i'm waiting at a house for the party to arrive. My eyes are slowly drying out and my gin is getting warm.. so, what do I do? I come here, and... I "create" more random fun-ness! Forgive my idiocy, boys and ghouls.. but here is the...

..."Fourth Annual Interview"!

*sitting on the city bus type vehicle, watching the buildings whizz by.. lets out a sigh*
Whoever said public transportation is the most interesting thing you'll do in life.. needs to be shot.

*from behind another paper, this time dressed as a business man behind Liz*
Then here, use my ionizer... I'd rather be killed with my own weapon.

Liz> Holmes, you devil! Following me about again, are you?

Holmes> I suppose you might.. say that... perhaps. But perhaps I'm just out for a evening exercise in my deductive skills.

Liz> yeah, and I'm enjoying my bus ride.
*rolls her eyes*

Holmes> *a bit red,obviously covering for the fact that he IS following Liz*
No, I most certainly am.. you see that man in front of you? He's just going to be married.

Liz> duh.. even -I- could tell you that. I see the wedding band, too..

Holmes> *thinking 'drat!'*
Ah, yes... it is much past my usual bedtime... I am getting slightly rusty.

Liz> *scoffs*

ok, my brain just shut down. someone... help?

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