Random Fun-ness

Part 1

by Liz de Jong (corellian_whiskey at hotmail.com)

Yes, the time has come for me to spout some more random fun-ness (I like my vocabulary sometimes...) In other words, I am bored out of my mind and cannot seem to get into the more... seriousness of a round-robin. So, then... we come to the Third "Annual" Interview segment! Please do enjoy if at all possible.. and yes, I know I'm so self-centered that it's myself in the interview... but hey, who knows that subject more thuroughly, eh?

So, without further a-do, here goes nothing!!

*walking up to a crowded coffee shop's outdoor plaza, each little table seemingly occupied with people*
Where IS that blasted man, anyhow...?

*from behind the newspaper he is examining*
Here, woman.

Liz> *reddening slightly*
Oh, hello there, old boy! heh heh.. didn't see you there...

*peeking at her over the top of his paper, an eyebrow raised...*
hmm, yes.
*folds up the paper*
Well.. please, be seated, then. Pardon me for not getting up and offering you a chair... but I'm watching someone.

Liz> *seats herself in a spot out of his line of sight, settling herself in like any other patron*
So,then, have things been pleasant since our last interview?

Holmes> As pleasant as they get. Things have been slow, rather... trivial, even.

Liz> trivial?

Holmes> Unfortunately; so mostly lost pets, petty things such as that. They lack the mental exercise I seek.

Liz> *mutters something about seeming in pretty good shape to her..*

Holmes> *raises another eyebrow*
My hearing has not decreased, you know, in the short interval that has occurred since the last.

Liz> *red again*
what was that? I didn't hear you.

Holmes> *thinks 'I'll bet...'*
moving along... the interview?

Liz> Oh, right.. the interview. well, the people have been dying to know... well.. actually, I've been wanting to know....

Holmes> ... Yes?

Liz> Well, you see, it's about..

Holmes> *getting impatient*
... Yes?!

Liz> Don't you ever get hot sitting in that jacket of yours all the time? I mean, look at you! You're sitting in full sun, still wearing that jacket, and even your hat! and socks, I'll bet..
*leans under the table and lifts his trouser leg to check for socks*

Holmes> Excuse.. hey!
*regards her oddly the entire while she checks his socks... *

Liz> *smirks*

Holmes> .. What is it? See something funny?

Liz> Your socks... little bees?

Holmes> *slightly sulky*
Yes, well if my interest is in that area, and they sell the merchandise... why not?

Liz> My little cousin has the same socks as you.

Holmes> Leave off, will you?
No, knowing you, you likely won't.
*actually smiling, enjoying himself... thinks 'Lestrade never checks my socks...'*

Liz> Right then, next question. Who are you following?

Holmes> well, you see that man over there?

Liz> Uh huh....

Holmes> He's been following you ever since your last interview.

Liz> ... You can't be serious? You're trying to scare me...

Holmes> I am always serious. do you think that I would kid with you?

Liz> Well... I don't know....

Holmes> Want to test the theory? Then go home... he'll follow you and I'll follow him.

Liz> *suspicious*
If this is just some way to get me to leave you, now... you're just lucky that I have to head home anyhow. the laundry should be about done now.

Holmes> I'm serious. completely.
*he is, really.*

Liz> Well... all right...
*stalks off, looking back over her shoulder all the time*

Well, that's it... i couldn't think of how to end it. if anyone would like to add.. please, feel free!! i just do stuff like this sometimes . you know? my crazy, silly self.. I know it doesn't totally follow Holmes... *sighs* i can't duplicate his character worth my tea set. *daydreams awhile... before coming back to reality* although i CAN duplicate that accent.. and WHAT an accent, raar!!

*smacks herself back to reality* ANYwho, i'm all done! have a nice laugh, guys, even if it's only at my idiocy! been nice posting to ya!

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